Duathlon Practice Run

I am planning on using my KH29 for our local Duathlon at the end of May this year. It has 13 miles of hill running, then 18 miles of road cycling. The cycle is on country roads with a good few hills going up and down.

I am on holiday this week, and had a practice on the route to see how I got on, having never covered the route by unicycle before. It went well, I only had to push up one hill, and enjoyed it a lot. It took me 2 hours and 20 minutes, with a moving average of 8mph. I know that isn’t fast, but for some reason that is the speed I seem to unicycle at, I had the cranks on the 125mm setting, and I used a 2.0" Big Apple tyre.

I have to get going at picking up my running mileage again, and do a few runs with unicycling after them, but I am feeling a little more confident that I will manage it on the day, I just hope I get the same weather that I had today.


If you’re comfortable with the 125s, try a pair of 102s to add some speed (or ease) to the ride. This is what I’ve used for racing in the past. Or a Coker, if you have access to one. :slight_smile: Good luck!