Drilling KH Moment Cranks?

Just thinking about drilled Spirits…

My crazy milled 150 dual-hole Moments were 444g, losing 141g from the original 585g, according to my scale.
My 150 dual-hole Spirits are 431g.
So stock Spirits are lighter than any reasonably drilled Moments.

The milled Moments saved about 25% weight, but obviously they were much too weakened.
I probably should have left material like agentQ did. Note his 35%-40% weight savings claim conflicts with the 25% I figure on my more aggressively milled cranks. Not sure what’s up with that.
Anyway, in hindsight I probably wouldn’t remove more than half of what I did, or about 12%.
For Spirits, 12% would save about 52g.

Again, just thinking.