Drilling KH Moment Cranks?

Hiya all!
Found this vid with awesome looking drilled moments.

You can see them at 1:50

Im looking at drilling my old Moments to save tome weight.
How do you do it? what machinery is required and is there a special method?

i havent done it myself but i have seen some that just have holes drilled in them. I would say that a drill press would be a tool that would help out tons and help keep the holes nice and straight.

I got drilled cranks from Will Riley on my flatland uni now, it doesn’t feel like the strength has been weakened at all…


I drilled my moment (150’s), with five 5/8" holes in each crank. I used a drill press a clamped the crank down. I had a little trouble with the bits moving so the holes aren’t perfectly centered, but they’re certainly close enough.

I drilled a set for a second pedal hole and found that if you drill from the back the drill does not wander as much. I drilled in 4 steps to get to 1/2" but feel I could have easily done it in 3.

I was thinking of getting 150s and drilling 130 & 110 triple holes.
Would that be good for a 36er in most circumstances?

For those of you drilling for pedal positions: Do you guys change pedal positions during rides? Or just before a ride? Seems like it would be annoying to switch pedals around very much during a ride.

I’ve switched mine in a ride before. This has been great on my 36-er when riding on road and coming to an off-road xc section. I have done it once or twice on my Muni but now I just stick to one length.

just got these… I cut the cage on the inside toward the cranks so it would pass the second “chuck” and when I get my 36er back from where it is, I’ll give it a try.

Here’s how:

Tools required: milling machine, end mill, vise.



A Milling machine is hands down the way to go.
The idea is to Mill out a channel rather than just drill holes.

Or in my case both:

I lost somewhere between 35-40% of the weight. Ive been riding nothing but these cranks for over two years now and they haven’t bent, cracked or failed in any way, yet.

Cheers Corbin! Yeah Sam I love yours! what length are your cranks and what diametre holes?

A Drill Press will do the trick right? just take them to metal work…

be careful to keep the right angle and best you use a center punch,

the koxx are also mine

Saves some weight in an important place. Just did it on the 29er, 19 and 14 are still undrilled…

You went all the way through (I think? Pic isn’t too clear) - haven’t seen that before! How much do they weigh now?


I would think doing a bar like that would be bad for the impact disciplines like street and trials though?

Theres only one way to find out…

My logic:

I snapped my Schlumph axle last year so I would love it if these cranks broke first!

A mechanical engineer i know did the drilling and they seemed to think that it should be fine.
Diden’t get a weight, but its definitely noticeable.

Ive never seen bent Moments…I always bend pedal axles first…Maybe they are stronger than you think?

here are a few more pics

It’s very interesting. I know that if I had it done to my cranks though, I would leave at least one cross piece in the middle. But I am no structural engineer :wink:

The more I think about it the more I think that those cranks would be OK, as long as don’t risk denting the bottom part with crank grabs.

Oh an by the way, sweet Guni (29?)