Dream Unicycle

Hi everybody
I want to know
What is your dream unicycle

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One of my dream unicycles would have frame with massive clearance (140mm wide 400mm tall) and backwards curved legs to prevent knee strikes.

I don’t think you can delete the thread but you can lock the tread in the trading post to prevent anyone from posting to it so it eventually gets buried by the other threads.

This is my dream unicycle:


KH seat with CF base
Thompson post
Triton triple frame
wheel built with mad for one hub
clowshoe rim and a BFL


Triton 26
Thompson post
Freeride w/Wallis CF base
Profile 145’s w/MU rotor
some sort of cable Disc caliper

Really out there:

Seat base with the angle permanently set to my preference on the integrated post.

Frame made of one of the “classified for millitary use only” metal matrices. Since these are still classified I’m going to dream about the specs that I want:
*as light and stiff as aluminum
*as resilient as Titanium
*as resistant to dents as cast iron
*anodize friendly
*Welds easily without special processes or equipment

Carbon Fiber rim 50mm wide, and styled after the Bontrager BCX (probably not the best design, but I always liked it, and it was always bomber on my XC bike).

Ultralight Carbon Fiber tire casing with a changeable tread that will never flat, or fold, and never needs to be inflated.

Pedals with a retension system that allows attachment in a variety of positions, and releases at will.

3 speed hub (one high, one low) with no more than 5mm’s of backlash at the pedals in any of the gears. Shiftable from a lever, button, or switch mounted on the seatpost.

Band brake

My dream unicycle is one being ridden by a 1970s Raquel Welch.

…I guess I am showing my age…

I have mine except…

I would like to have a Schlumpf or 2-speed hub that old work with my conundrum frame. I would also like to have a Thompson seat post and the new KH cranks hat accept a disc rotor.

Frame: Surly Conundrum with disc caliper tab welded on and custom paint
Custom handle made by Brycer1968 that attaches to he KH handle set-up
KH Freeride seat (newest model)
Formula Oro K24 hydraulic disc brakes
3 interchangeable wheelsets:
26" large marge/Larry with nimbus hub
24" large marge/3.0 with nimbus hub
29" KH street wheel with nimbus hub
Would love to have a 26" Guni wheelset
All wheels have Sinz cranks and MountainUni rotors
All have Wellgo MG-1 pedals (I love these)
I would love to have regular disc rotors connected to KH cranks…soon :slight_smile:
I might get some better platform pedals but they have to beat the MG-1’s

Oh…and, I think I’d love a wallis CF base… But it wouldn’t fit with my custom handle.

Nice. What colors and saddles are available for that model?

If my dream unicycle appeared, I would not care about the colors. As far as the saddle goes, she deserves only the best!

My dream Trials unicycle is almost complete! I’m only missing a 32 hole Mad4One hub and a 32h Trials rim!

-Impact Naomi saddle with CF seatbase
-KH no weld seatpost
-Triton Sponge frame
-Mad4One 32h hub
-32h Trials rim (I wont say what color though)
-Monty Eagle Claw tire
-Tensile cranks
-Answer Rove FR pedals (I wish they were lighter though)

I’m riding my Dream unicycle now. :smiley: Took me well over a year to scrape the pennies together to pay for it, but it was worth it.

Tackle those dreams fellow riders!

Dr D’s unicycle