Double Rocket Assisted BC Wheel Video

Here is a link to a video of Jason performing his famous rocket assisted bc wheel stunt but with 2 rocket engines.



dude… i want one. really bad.

That is so wild. Thanks. This a huge leap forward for high speed one wheeled technology. This may be the BC wheel’s intro into distance and speed riding.

just you watch… someone’s going to be putting on a small propane powered valveless pulsejet engine on one of those soon…(google valveless pulsejet, and you’ll see what i mean…)

Awesome! Were those D’s?

(“Ohhh, it smells like farts!”)

I like this idea, now Jason what do you think?


well, you’d need some extra wide platforms…

you could mount a small one around the wheel and over/under the platforms…

pulsejets are in a U-shape anyway, so it’d fit and look pretty good. They are REALLY noisy, and are pretty powerful if you build it right… also, they get REALLY REALLY hot REALLY REALLY fast. just warning you…

LOL, yeah, I’m not so sure about the whole pulsejet thing. I would like to come out of these experiments in one piece you know. :slight_smile:

Spudman, this attempt was with 2 E engines.

Thanks for posting this Carl!

Roman and I will probably do some more experimentation this weekend. There’s still room for improvement in creating a good ignition system and we still have to try using 4 engines.

And for anyone who may have missed the first ‘making of’ video, you can check it out here:


Just make a belt that will hold the pulse jet engine around the riders waist, then you wouldn’t have to figure out how to fit it on the wheel. Nice video, can’t wait till you add more rockets make sure you post here next time you make a video about it

watch this video of a rocket propelled longbaord… The rocket is huge!