In lieu of Evan's new invention...

I think it’s an appropriate time to post a link to the thread about the rocket-propelled bc wheel that was mentioned some time last year.

There are a lot of new people on the forums that I’m sure haven’t seen it, and would like to.

Direct links to videos:

I think there was way too much extra stuff in that vid for what it amounted to.

p.s. I watched it because it looked interesting. So please don’t say if you didn’t like it you shouldn’t have watched it. I’m just saying how disappointed I am about it.

This bring back so memories of Jack-ass when he puts really powerful jets on his rollerblades. He promptly falls, and I am still laughing today.

I thought the video was great, watching the process in a theatrical presentation was cool. The video was filmed and edited excellently and the BC is way cool. I think Shaun just doesn’t get it.

I watched this vid many months ago, and love it!



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And I would call Evan’s bc an innovation, not really an invention.

The rockets were sweet. I bet if you staged the sets, doing 2, then the second pair, the balance transition would be smoother and the overall acceleration essentially the same as 4 at a time.



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it’s true, i read it in the new scientist magazine ages ago.

What invention/innovation/…?

THAT THINK IS SO COOL! how much does it weigh?

Sure it’s a nice ride, but I don’t think it is a new invention or innovation. In the technical sense you may be the first to put a disk brake onto a bc wheel with EB plates which would make it a innovation.:slight_smile:

…I’m not sure if that is what Leo meant.