Dog Bite

Today a dog bit me while I was on my unicycle. I went to let the owner know and they acted like it was my fault for riding on the street in front of their house :angry: . Glad I was wearing my leg armor. Small puncture on the back of my leg, but it feels like someone hit it with a bat. Made me mad because of the owner’s attitude and the rest of my ride was painful. Be carful out there. Make sure you don’t ride in front of anyone’s house that owns a dog or it will mean it’s your fault if it runs out into the street to bite you :roll_eyes: .

Have a good vent, the internet is really the only place where you can enjoy a good venting. That sucks! I hope you don’t press charges on the dog :frowning: its fully the owners fault. Dog owners like this don’t deserve their companion. You should really report him in my opinion but its up to you. The owner deserves punishment! Not the dog…

i hate dogs that bite

Lawsuit! Dog owner’s are 100% liable if their dogs bite/attack/injure anyone in public places.

I was riding at my hotel last week, and a man had a dog, unleashed, just laying in the grass. I dismounted near them, and of course the dog, very nervous, came close to investigate. I kept the uni between us, and although the tail was wagging, there was a low growl in the throat. The owner got him to lay down again, and I vacated quickly.

Sorry you had to go through that, I hope its not an area you frequent too often. If it is, I would have the proper authorities take some action.

A couple of years ago a neighborhood dog came after me during my typical evening loop. I dismounted and kept the uni between us. The owner came out and struggled to get the dog to calm down and eventually into the house. No apology came from the owner.

Two weeks after that the same situation started but the dog stayed at the edge of the street barking. The difference this time was that I was passing a couple of women who were pushing a stroller with an infant in it. The dog was mad at all of us. The owner only got half way out when the dog gave up and went in the house.

It is against the codes in this city for a dog to be out without a leash or in a fenced in area. I called the city and made a complaint. They said they would talk with the owner. I never saw the dog again. The family soon moved out.

I felt bad that I hadn’t called the city after the first incident. That infant didn’t need to be exposed to the danger of being at the same level as that dog’s face. Calling the city at least gets the incident recorded in case it happens multiple times.

Man, sorry to hear that.
Whenever I’m riding in my area, people are so happy to see some kid on a unicycle (lots of the people here live sheltered lives).

Shame people in your area (or at least that one neighbor) have been riding their unicycles without the saddle.

Always be wary of horses and dogs. Never assume. I am always ready to dismount and block when I see dogs or horses. And horses especially I always ask the rider if their horse is ok with it.

And it’s not the dogs fault, it’s the owners fault. I love all animals, but usually the pet is the one that gets punished more by the law, as opposed to the owner. Very sad for puppies :frowning:

I got bitten while unicycling some years ago. I was just riding slowly on uphill and small dog catched my leg. Fortunately it barely went through my trousers, but I also got small, bat-like bite and I was feeling it itchy for quite long.
Fortunatelly, the owner was nice. She asked me if everything is OK and seemed to care about the situation.

That’s one thing that kind of scares me about unicycling - crazy dogs. I love dogs but some people mistreat them, when you’re on a b*ke it’s easy enough just to give them a little kick and they usually back down - glad I haven’t come across one on my uni yet as I can ride 1ft! Hope you feel better soon, mbalmer.

I have found most dogs don’t like unicycles

most dogs like my unicycle

Please report the incident to the police. The next victim might not be so lucky to get away with a small nip. It might be the little kid in his 12 inch mongoose bike with training wheels. Think BLOOD everywhere and STITCHES. I wouldn’t feel sorry for the owner or the dog - both are mean. Mean people and dogs suck.

If I were you I would go see my doctor. If the dog broke the skin you are a candidate for RABIES and other diseases. You have no idea if the dog is up to date on its shots. If the owner is irresponsible enough to let a dangerous dog out of his control then he might be irresponsible enough not to give the dog its shots. RABIES kills and it’s a slow agonizing DEATH. It is preventable up to a certain point. The owner of the dog should pay for your medical bills.

It’s up to you whether you file a lawsuit or not. I would not consider this a nuisance suit. The owner of the animal was clearly negligent and you have suffered injury because his negligence. Take pictures and document everything just in case you decide to take them to court. He will have his homeowner’s insurance and their lawyers on their side - hire a good attorney.


The injury is really minor. I had pain walking yesterday but this morning it’s just a little tender. I absolutely reported this incident. The dog does not seem vicious, but if another person has a problem there will already be documentation. I also need to know that the dog is up on shots. I’m not mad at the dog. I am mad at the owner who blew it off as my fault for being on her street. I’m not looking for money. I’m more concerned for my 3 year old great grand daughter who lives just down the street. I’m lucky I was wearing my gear as I was preparing to go off road.

I didn’t know about horses. I always dismount when a horse is coming because I don’t know anything about horse behavior. They’re big and that’s enough for me.

I love animals but I would suggest you carry a small can of pepper spray :sunglasses:

I’ve always wanted to take my dogs out for a walk while I’m on my uni (as I figured it’d be the ultimate chick magnet), but they’re both desperately afraid of it. =(

I think it’s just a rule that, save for a few exceptions, most dogs are afraid of things with wheels.

Too bad - some dogs obviously like it:

Look at that dog! It’s out in front of the unicycles, running for its life!
It’s not smiling while it’s panting either, so don’t even try that one!


That dog looks just like the dog that bit me. How funny.

Something I will pay attention to is my own dogs. I often let them outside without a leash. They are good under voice control, but never say never. I don’t want my dogs doing this to someone else. You never know for sure.


never say never.


If someone references Justin Bieber, I will flip out :astonished: