doesnt that hurt your balls?

This is a question I am asked often by unicyclist viewers, who I know, I usually say they designed the seats specially for it, but i do not know what the real reason…why unicyclists rarly rack themselves?

I think that is a question you are better off answering yourself, thank you.

Because you don’t sit on your nuts. That’s why.

because u didnt fall off of ur unicycle…instead on it…

I often get asked “why dont you get a proper bike” I dont have a good comeback, I was going to say “why dont you get a proper brain” but there was two of them and they were both bigger than me :frowning:

The best comeback Ive heard (on here from someone) so far for things like that, is something like… " I decided to drop the training wheel, you should do the same." Or just in your case " why dont you just drop the training wheel." Those are good one’s.

As for hitting the twig’ n berries on the seat, Just dont sit on them, and you wont squash them. :wink:

I never rack myself, its just what friends ask about.

teach them bout BIF (balls in front)

I used to hurt my nuts more often when I first started. After about half on hour of riding, I would have to sit down for a few minutes because all of the light sackings would eventually build up and It would really start to hurt.

When you become more experienced you just learn to kinda “scoop” your package up on the seat infront of you before you sit down. Eventually you do it without even relizing it.


Question: Where’s your other wheel?

Answer: Oh, I’m sorry, I must’ve forgotten it at your mom’s.


  1. You sit on your gooch, not your family jewels.
  2. Your weight is on your pedals anyway, not your crotch, at least while doing trials or whatever else.

:smiley: BIF

Rolf.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’d hate to ride BI (balls in/under)

Uni_jim, can I quote you on that? I am thinking about including BIF into my new t-shirt design.

lycra is my best friend. When they ask it just say you are making yourself sterile, unicycling = the new birth control.

go 4 it, it isn’t copyrighted or anything, but i heard it from someone else first.:smiley:

sorry, forget who:(

that’s hilarious!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

“Is that thing easy to ride?”

  • “Not as easy as your mum”


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