Does Pirating Ever Help The Little Guy?

Let’s watch…


What an honour. A featured video on the front page of YouTube. And you such a little guy. You must be budding with pride that your baby has grown up and run free.

I made these two movies as ‘portfolio’ movies, and was not to concerned about not making the money back…they have now done their job :slight_smile:

Congrat’s man! Excellent vid!

Awesome video can’t wait to see the whole thing.
Never been to NY city but i love watching the bike messengers do there job in videos and this was even cooler.

Just watched that, super awesome wicked cool.

Nice of the pirate to leave the credits at the end, so at least the title and your name can be seen.

I forget if you mentioned this…were you also on a coker to film the night-riding chase scenes, or a bike?

I emailed and asked him to give me proper credit so it was searchable

I was on my schlumpf…much more ideal for filming from in these tight spaces, as i can’t mount the coker very well with all the gear on, jumping up and mounting with no hands holding the seat…the schlump i can step onto nicely

I can turn mine around in one lane

But I have never seen that sort of slalom riding. It really gives me ideas of what is possible. Very cool.:slight_smile:

It wasn’t possible…Till I made it up :sunglasses: :astonished:

Perhaps try to directly contact YouTube if he does not comply.

He links to Adam’s store in his video description (he was a student of adam’s i believe)…and I have control over what’s written at that link, so I’ve done all I need to do to benefit from this :slight_smile:

Ah, alright. Carry on.

13,000 views in a week! 170 votes!

Brian, and thats not even in a week. That is in one night. When I notified you about it it was at 210 views.



:astonished: :smiley: :astonished:

wow! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Very Cool video Brian

It was quite the site to watch that coker rider in action.

Out of curiousity, who was the rider ?