Does anyone have vintage unicycles?

Here is mine that I just got working. It is a Montgomery Ward.


I have a common but excellent condition 24” Schwinn that i rescued a couple years ago. I would like to have some new decals made to complete the restoration but haven’t gotten around to it. was lucky to get a long chrome seat post from UDC back when they had them so i can actually ride it :grin:

I would like a Columbia unicycle but its hard to find them in decent condition. The schwinns are a easy restoration due to them not being painted and finding a columbia with good paint isn’t easy i’m learning


Jim T. and I have columbia unicycles from the early sixties, tho his seems to be in much better original shape than mine. I also have 20 and 24 inch schwinns and you may ever so often find their decals/stickers on e-bay if you keep a close watch.

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There’s a guy in Paris selling 3 vintage unis. I was riding in town last weekend and he called me “hey I have 3 I don’t use!”. So I stopped and we chatted for a while. He bought them in the US in the late 80s (guy is a BMX nuts) but hasn’t used them in decades. Any known brands? Those saddles look like pure torture…

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The picture is too low res to be of real use, sorry.
Having said that, I wonder if the one on the left is a Pashley given it has lollipop bearing holders.

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The one on the left is an old Pashley that was already quite old when I bought it on ebay many years ago. I cut the frame down on this one so it was easier for my then 6yo son to learn on.

The one on the right is my 36 year old DM Ringmaster, it was brand new when I got it for my 30th birthday, so I’m not sure it qualifies as vintage.

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I could be wrong but I suspect the middle is a Semcycle. I had one years ago as a teenager and that frame looks so familiar.

I do not think the one on the left is Pashley @Dino. I have also owned a couple of those. Or if it is a Pashley and I am wrong that is not an original saddle. Additionally I don’t think they ever had unpainted frames. Many (most?) also had those flat/square crown’s like the one in your picture.

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Good point.
My wondering was based purely on the lollipops.

I used to check ebay a year or so ago for the stickers but didnt have any luck. I’ll have to start looking again

Depends, if you’re actually a dinosaur, it’s a very old uni… :laughing:

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I feel like a lumbering dinosaur at times

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These were used by many manufacturers back then. I had a BicoPlus (Taiwan made and branded by a germand bicycle vendor) that also had these exact same lollipops.

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Thanks, I didn’t know that.

Here are a couple of possibly vintage unicycles that I gave to a friend that wanted to learn how to ride a unicycle. The Savage one obviously needs some parts.


This may be a year or two old…


Those may be the “Tricycle Cranks” that @johnfoss has spoken of!

I bet that seat is as hard as a rock. But that’s okay, right? It has spring suspension!!!

The ones on the left and right are typical Tiawanese unis of the 80s (possibly 90s). These were sold under many different names depending on the vendor/distributor. Savage was one of the more infamous brands in the US, because people associated that name with the seats. These had the “bad” type of lolipop bearings. The bearings themselves are fine, it’s the flat bolt into the side of the round tubing that causes the problems. Yes, the seats on those were not great. In the early years of, the Drummonds literally couldn’t give those seats away. A great many of the unicycles they started out with had those saddles, but must customers upgraded them at time of purchase. Nobody wanted those original ones (though I wouldn’t mind having a few now to put on the old “basic” unis I have from that time period…

The middle one is a Semcycle with the cross-one spoke pattern (the earliest ones had radial spokes). Looks like all the parts are original, except the spoke decorations. Semcycles had the best hubs you could get at the time; very strong.

That red Stelber is probably from the early 70s, though I’ve never seen a red one, only chrome. I do have a seat like that; one of the worst I’ve seen on any unicycle. I’m sure it wasn’t designed for a unicycle; rather a preschooler’s version of a banana seat bike, or just a tricycle. That uni also has some awful looking pedals. At least they go well with the total “tricycle technology” crankset and bearings. Crap. And a solid plastic tire to finish it off. :slight_smile:

My Stelber has a somewhat better seat and pedals, so I would estimate it’s a later version than that red one. Lastly, the saddle is from Troxel, another maker of juvenile bikes and tricycles, as well as awful unicycles. It does look like some kind of spring under there; it would be interesting to see if that’s really what’s happening there…

I have several “vintage” unicycles, mostly in “original” condition. I should take some glamour shots of them all some time and post them. Brands include Loyd, Rutledge, Troxel, Stelber, Iverson, Oxford, Columbia and Schwinn. I only count as “vintage” unicycles that were made before I learned to ride in the late 70s. Otherwise I would include a Tiawan lolipop like the ones above, with “Fmsa” on the badge, plus a Univega, Panasonic; both of those last two as re-branded Miyatas!


If I tried to ride that thing it would break.

That thing looks pretty great for its age.Is the seat sound and do you ride it?

I rarely ride it. mostly just looks pretty in the corner of my living room. The seat cover is in great shape which is not common because these had no bumpers