Do you think that a good street rider need to:

Do you think that a good street rider need to be able to grind rails and things like that? Say your opinion about what is a street rider suposed to be.

It fepends on the person. I say a good rider should be able to 360 hoptwist, 540 unispin, double hick/180, doubleback, treyflip, at least five-set rail, and maybe fifthflip, triple flip, 720 unispin, or 540 hop twist. They also should be able to do fakie tricks, sidespin tricks and a little big street.

It all is just the style of the rider though.

A good street rider should be creative, have no fear, practice and refine there tricks so they are clean and consistent. Style is a big factor. Ideally they will bring something new to the plate or at least push the things they like from the styles of their idols.

I dont think what tricks they can do as important as having a creative, clean style. But grinding is something that any street rider should work on, and most do not do enough, myself included.

Edit: Any street rider can take pride in having a BIG bag of tricks tho.

This one is such a tough questions cause everyone has there own style…I have seen riders do some amazing flip tricks and do them down sets…But cant hop up a table…I think a good street rider should be able to tackle his enviroment with some flare! The original definition of street that I was told was trials+freestyle=street. If you are busting out all these amazing tricks but only doing them in a parking lot I think you are more bordering a flatland rider. I just like to see more usuage of your surroundings when you are riding street, rolling hops and 360s down drops I think should be the base for a street rider. Then add these amazing tricks into your runs. Grinding a rail is for sure a must in a street rider, but some like to free-ride more and would preffer to just gap down the set with a cool lil tailwhip or 180 tire grab. Depends on someones style. Ohh and free-ride to me always ment feel free to ride whatever the heck you want! :smiley:

In my opinion, grinds are pure street. So yeah I think a good street rider needs to be very good at rails.

I have a feeling that soon they are going to be used in flat. Haha, sounds crazy, but knowing how big loic and adrien go, they might decide to put those static grinds in a flat combo.

Pssssssssssssssssssssssssh. Now thats just silly.

Well… maybe not.

I can imagine a sideways ww out of a grind. Might try that actually…

I think street riders should have good tech and big street skills, especiall grinding. That reminds me, I need to set my rail up again.

The ideal street rider should be able to do everything, I think street competitions should have a varied course so that the riders have to be able to do everything in order to do well.

I was pretty close to that at Shaun’s house, I don’t remember why I stopped trying.

What ARE you talking about? In my day you had a chrome and rust unicycle, cottered cranks and lollipop bearings and you cycled round and round in a circle while the people watching applauded.

None of this 360 hoptwist, 540 unispin, double hick/180, doubleback, treyflip, at least five-set rail, and maybe fifthflip, triple flip, 720 unispin, or 540 hop twist, fakie tricks, sidespin tricks and a little big street nonsense…

Eh, I don’t think that grinding is completely necessary. Some grinding skill should be present, but as long as the rest of the skill is enough to make up for the lack of grinding, I think it’s fine.

A good street rider needs to ride like Pele.

Oh yes…

Thank you Jerrick.:smiley:

Yes they are perfect examples… But I would have to add one more person, Luke.

I’ll add Shaun, I think he’s the best all round street rider.

ahah yes! i must be a good street rider.

I’d say Shaun’s the best all rounder. Not that he shows it. Luke is too of course. They both mix tech street, big street and freestyle nicely.

But then theres riders like Kriz, Loic and Adrien. Who pretty much own everybody >.<

Kriz - 6 stair fifthflip
Loic - fifth-sideflip
Adrien - Frontflip

Can’t compete with that lol.

Back on topic though… When you come up to a 15 stair your not gonna try gap it… Thats what grindings for :smiley: or if theres no rail… be boring and ride down it.

ahah. true that bro. these crazy frenchmen are blowin me out of the water.

The only reason I do not think Shaun is the “best” (or in the top 5) is because I rarely see him do fakie tricks and side tricks. Yes I know he may do a 180 flip up a curb and then a 180 double fakieflip down it. But I am saying he doesn’t do fakie treyflips down sets, or just a fakie flip down a huge set.

His fakie and backflips look crap coz he leaves his back foot on lol, he might not anymore but in his most recent vids he does. But he is the only person in the world to big backflip I think. And he does other decent fakieflip/backflip tricks. O and I think he said somewhere that sidespins “aren’t his style” lol. Also he can probably backflip and fakieflip down bigger sets than basically every other rider.