Do you practically relearn how to steer with each new/different pair of shoes?

I find I have to readjust all over again with each new pair of shoes I try. And all my old vulnerabilities come back to the fore. I re-experience my difficulty of turning to the right.

On another note, I found that the basketball shoes I tried helped reduce front thigh tightness (which I had been suffering from with my previous shoes after every 30-40 minutes of unicycling). Anyone have a similar experience? Any insights?

Nowadays, every pair of new shoes I buy is a pair of vans half cab (in black). So no.

Seriously though I have had other shoes and I think it makes most difference to hopping / clever tricks - I’ve never found masses of difference on the road or just rolling along on the muni.


No need to relearn since - at least in my opinion - shoes do not affect steering (you do not steer by moving your feet around but by shifting weight).

I’ve never found a problem and often change my shoes for unicycling.

Perhaps you are bringing out some underlying problem with steering. It may be worth re looking at this and seeing if you can adapt this so you don’t have to relearn how to turn

Can’t say I’ve noticed it. All I can think of is that different shoes might make you position your feet differently on the pedals because of the sole shape, and certainly affect how easy it is to adjust your foot position. So I suppose if your feet are ending up in a strange position with new shoes (especially if the positions of your two feet aren’t the same) it might make riding and balance feel odd.


I have to relearn riding every time I get on the thing. It’s weird. The first 5-10 minutes (depending how early it is) feel awkward. Then it all settles in. Shoes don’t seem to make a difference though. I’m just old :roll_eyes: .

I’ve had to adjust the seat post height, but that’s about it.

I have to relearn it nearly every 3-4 weeks when i change my socks.

Fortunately my underpants do not effect unicycling. Otherwise I had bigger problems 5 times a year.

Thanks I had a barium (sp?) meal today and needed a laugh:D

I can relate to that even though I am only 38. Perhaps the learning curve is so steep, one slips back by the hour when not on the unicycle! It could also have to do with balancing ability.

“The first 5-10 minutes (depending how early it is)”

What do you mean “(depending how early it is)”? You mean the time of day? I unicycle mostly after midnight and that might be affecting my balancing ability (I would be relatively drowsy as well as unable to see the contour of my path perfectly).

I have little problems with different shoes, but I do find high heels can sometimes cause difficulty.

Just me?

Thinking back to my early riding days, I can remember a change of shoes affecting my grip, but that was about it. So I get the impression you are putting too much weight on the pedals. It should only be enough to make them go where you want, and not much extra. Work on that and it could improve your overall riding! :slight_smile:

The problems with high heels are mostly due to slipping as long as you pedal with the ball of your foot. Pedaling from the heel is more troublesome naturally. Putting a chewed up wad of gum on the shoe sole can help with traction problems.

I find riding with diving fins quite challenging but riding on stilts with roller skates on is really tough. Add a slack rope and a pair of shorts full of bees and you are really on to something. :wink:

I had to do this too, different shoes = different thicknesses of the sole, and even a little minute change in seatpost height can affect the way a unicycle feels, at least to me. It doesn’t really prevent your from riding, but if I put on thick soled shoes, I usually raise the seat a little so it’s not so bad on the knees : )

try messing with your seatpost height and see if it feels better. I don’t see why one shoe would make you ride better or worse. Gracie did a full cross country tour (united states) barefooted on a 36er : P sooo, I’m pretty sure you can ride with just about anything

Methinks you did it backwards. I learned to ride in high heels. It’s a cinch to switch to my latex boots or my platforms.

Don’t forget the blindfold and straigh jacket, more of an annoyance than anything else but still makes things challenging

I had an issue when I swapped from a multi-terra style shoe to the hiking boots I use now. The hiking boots have a much thicker sole which meant that I had slightly less “feedback” from the pedals. Was tricky getting used to them at first, took a couple of rides.