Do we have a term for a group of unicyclists

I have seen references to a “pack of unicyclists,” but that seems unsatisfying.

Maybe a clot of unicyclists?

JD :slight_smile:
Where there is a wheel, there is a way.

A union of unicyclists.

how about gaggle

Only if we’re honking…

In reality, Joe Two-Wheel has already named us. When he describes what he saw down at the park, it’s “a bunch of guys on unicycles”. We’re a bunch…like bananas. Makes poetic sense as well, given the banana’s historic tie to the UPD.

how bout a gross

My terms for a group of unicyclists:
A club
A convention
A muni weekend

Without a doubt its a horde!


Someone posted the other day about Cokers travelling together in a herd, and it conveyed exactly the right visual image to me.

I loved the comment about the banana’s historic association with the UPD.:smiley:

When Fools get together, we call it an Unconvention. I suppose the unicycle is such a silent method of transport we could have an Unherd… :stuck_out_tongue:

Googling the words “herd murder pod gaggle” turns up a number of lists of animal-group terms. I like:

clowder (cats)
smack (jellyfish)
muster (storks)
sounder (pigs)
pod (whales, walruses)
implausibility (gnus)
plague (locusts, rats)
shoal (herring)
rhumba (rattlesnakes)
parliament (owls)
romp (otters)
mob (emus)
wobble (my contribution)

Look! Unicyclists! A whole _______ of them!

I do not master english sufficiently to render the image of a school of eels (or spermatozoids?) going haphazardly and zigzagingly in the same direction
one could probably adapt THIS
to model a flock of Cokers, a herd of Mewnis, a combo of freestylers and so on…


I personally like the term ‘gang.’ I always think it’s cool to go around in a unicycle gang. Or if you want something less traditional, how about ‘fun’.
“Look Mommy! It’s a whole fun of unicyclists!”

how about an assortment

I like ‘flock’.

My vote’s for Weeble’s “wobble”.

A wobble of unicyclists.


Flock simple as that!


In the Top End of Australia it’s gotta be a mob. No matter what it is it’s a mob.

Wow, that’s a big mob of food, big mob of ducks, big mob of cars, no matter what it is, people say that it’s a big mob of it (makes it easy to remember, and most people can’t speak English that good in the Top End.)

Any way, I reckon it should be a big mob of unicyclists.

BJ from the Top End, Downunder

Re: Mob

you mean : “hi ma-y-te seen this mob of uni-bl**dy-zayclists”

(I had a nephew raised downunder who came to england and asked
for a “bakery” and was shown a bike repair shop)


i just say a load

“a load of unicyclists!” where? ah you missed them

I think the title of the thread says it all… a group of unicyclists.

A wobble of unicyclists is brilliant! I love it. But would it offend some of us who take this silly activity a bit too seriously?

Dave Lowell (uni57)

I like Gilby’s. A union of uni’s. It just sounds right.