Distance Handles

I was wondering what all of your homemade 36er handles looked like, since UDC is out of the GB Handles. Please post pictures, components used, and an estimated price and how-to. Thanks!

I’m looking for ones that have booms on them for cyclometers, waterbottle, bell, etc. and a handle to relieve saddle soreness. I’m sure lots of people have made their own handles, and I’m sure lots want to, like me. Thanks for any imput.


John Childs made a good one, I think he called it the JC handle, do a search either in the fora or in the gallery for it.

I’ve seen it, but I have no clue as to what he used to make it, or where to get the parts.

I think Evan Byrne made a coker style handle. he welded it though, so you might not be able to find it. I’ll look for pics of it.

I wonder if a cut-off pair of aerobars would work. Just cut it and fasten it to the underside of the seat.

Something like this:


I sort of made a handle out of a metal peice (from an old bicycle part) that fit around the seatpost of my unicycle. I have no idea where it is now.

do this

What did you use as the piece that extends from the seatpost to the thingamajiger to the handles?

its a random pipe welded to a seat post clamp

Now theres an idea… except I can’t weld…:stuck_out_tongue:

umm, okay stupid question but… wht do you need handles for?

Have you ever done long distance riding? Mainly on a coker?

The handles are better for your hand and allows you to get a lot of weight off the saddle and are very comfy. IMHO.

Thanks Jerrick! Now I know.

Your welcome. =p

I need to invest in a distance handle. I was riding today and noticed I had my right hand on the handle, then my left hand cupping over my right hand. THis was on the bigger, older KH saddles, with lots of foam. It felt ok but I would like to have an actual handle.

Those Reeder handles are pretty slick.

Right now, due to lack of any other handle in my posession, I’ve got a Reeder on my Coker. I was thinking of just going for the GB4, but the seatpost mounted ones look pretty slick, and they also look like you can put some serious leaning force on them, for in saddle saddle breaks. Any comments on this?

Does anyone know what I could use as a boom that is pre-made and inexpensive?

I, too, was wondering this. A reason why I made this thread.


Here is another option from a cross-the USA rider.