Dilbert knows why I can't Idle

As an Engineer I am intensely focused whenever I want to learn a new skill. I’ll spend hours at it, until I can do it right.

But I just can’t learn to idle, and now I know why …

That’s fantastic! Thanks. :slight_smile:

hahaha… lol was that in a newspaper?

never been a fan of Dilbert, and that was no exseption

I have always been a fan of Dilbert and that strip is a good example of why.

I liked it.


I like it.

i like it, im trying to learn to idle too.:slight_smile:

haha, I like it. its funny how it has nothing to do with unicycling, yet it entertains us more because we are unicyclists…


That is because you’ve never worked in an office/cube/engineer environment like Dilbert. If you’d spent a few years at Intel (cubes as far as the eye can see) or some similar place, you’d have a much better appreciation of where it’s all coming from.

Including having to wait while someone talks on the phone… :stuck_out_tongue:

Pft, I’ve only ever even seen a cubicle like one time, and I find Dilbert hilarious. One of my favorites in the Sunday comics.

Also very relateable, since I’m learning to idle right now. ^^