Difference between Magura HS11 and HS33?


I want to put a Magura brake on my 29" XC/distance unicycle.
Now I wonder what the difference is between a HS11 and a HS33?
The HS11 is cheaper then the HS33, so I think less power?
Will the HS11 will provide more power then a pivot or vbrake?


Yes - the HS33 provides more power and is just generally a higher-end brake. Both the HS11 and HS33 will provide more power than a regular pivot brake, but in practice you won’t see much if any improvement in power compared to a V brake. However modulation (braking pressure adjustment) feels a lot nicer on the hydraulic brakes, and there’s no chance you’ll accidentally activate the brake by hitting it with your knees. Also, if you happen to get a bad wheel build (e.g. one that’s slightly dished), it’s easier to adjust the position of the Maguras so they are centred over the rim. Finally, unless you get lucky on the brake lever shape, the Spooner only fits Maguras.


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I have been told that the HS11 and HS33 (and other Magura rim breaks) use the same calipers/slave cylinders and the difference is in the handle. I think the HS33 has a slightly smaller master cylinder (which would give more power and better modulation but less pad travel) and the lever is metal instead of plastic.

Power is not really an issue for unicycle brakes. I use a crappy BMX brake and a HS33 both have plenty power but the magura’s are oh so smooth.

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Hoped someone would reply very soon, but that it would be Kris Holm that I didn’t expect :wink:
The point about modulation is obvious, and i do think a Magura is easier to setup then a pivot brake (I spent 15 minutes on my pivot and it still didn’t brake good)
Anyways, I ordered a HS11.
I can get a HS33 now to for a bit more.
Don’t know if I should buy the HS33 as well to test both and sell the less usefull to me.