Design a Logo/Banner

Hi everyone,
As most of you probably know the site went down a while ago and we lost our old ‘Unicycling Tips & Tutorials’ logo/banner that was at the top of every page. So at the moment we have that ugly black thing I made :stuck_out_tongue:
I dont have the skills to make a cool one and Andrew’s really busy at the moment so I thought i’d start a little competition (no prize - well your work on the site I guess haha) to get you guys to do it for us!
So basically we want a fairly simple but cool looking logo/banner that says ‘’ to put at the top of every page.
So all your creative people out there see what you can come up with!
Thanks a lot if anyone actually does this.

Must be a busy time for all, I have hardly the time to check the forums, hehe.
Anyways, i’d love to help. My design skills are tres average but I do own a drawing tablet which means I can do it by hand in photoshop… Or perhaps something in flash?
Maybe you could draw something in mspaint as to give a rough idea of the kind of thing you are looking for? Just words etc?

Awesome muzzle yeah anything would be cool. Here’s and idea of what im thinking…about my best I can do…

You can see why im asking everyone else :stuck_out_tongue: haha but yeah i’d say a capital for U and T - or them to stand out somehow to make each word more clear. I dunno if you could make a unicycle out of one of the letters? who know be creative!


Here it is!


that is the most dodgiest thing i have ever seen. so dodgy it is kinda cool in a way.

Please no… just… no… we’ve had enough.

I may have a go at this designing a logo concept later.

here’s my design it took me THIIIIIIS long to make so I hope you like it. the part by the “S” is a tire track and I realise the piture is cheesy and huge but oh well :roll_eyes:

iiiwwww horrid
take more time over stuff you make… did you make that in paint, i hope so or your PS skills are bad.

sorry to be so harsh but… iwww

ehh thats kinda harsh, but hey its even “copywrite-ed”

i made one :slight_smile:
but I have nothing but paint on this computer so i made it on the other one… and now my floppy disk won’t work on this computer

I am a professional webmaster/logo maker I can make you one… In fact I would love to. check out my work on
I created most of the site but notice the banner ads

Here’s what I have come up with. I tried to keep it simple, and consistent with your pages look and feel. the Image has a transparent background, so it should work pretty well with that page background you have. I can tweak it to your liking.

The last one is cool, quite styley

Though maybe capital U and T?

Its all flash and stuff, much beyond my mspaint capabilities lol


ooooooo, cmsustud19 you just showed me up old school:o I like it

and Dale_dale, I made that in like 5 min on paint so shut up, and seeing as you didn’t make one that makes mine infinity time better then yours:p

I think it’s creative. Let’s see what you can come up with.

im very skilled in ps, but i must reinstall it. Here is something basic done in paint.

that is one PIMP golden UNI

my club used it so I thought it would look good in a banner. once I install ps,I will make something with it.

Heres a quicky i drew up

That one is pretty plain. It needs a uni in it.

Yea i know, couldnt find a decent silouete, feel free to copy it and chuck stuff in it if ya want, if you want i can email you the .psd file