Design a Logo/Banner

Why not.

Sent, have fun :smiley:

I think it sent, you may get a few emails as it didnt seem to work when i first clicked send lol


I seem to not receive it. we shall see.

Coughs… Ahh Emmm…

Whistles and walks away.

I’m not saying its bad. I’m just trying it myself.

Yeah that’s awesome cmsustud19, probably my favourite so far. What does eveyone else think? But keep them coming people and then we can choose.
I really like the size for that one too its probably about the size we’re thinking of.

If it makes you feel any better, I was going to try to make one, but when I saw yours I gave up.

why give up? i saw his and made one in paint. lol

I think I am going to add a silohette(sp?) of a person Holding the first one, riding the second then riding the third, it will represent the progression of skill through using the site and it’s tips.

I think the U T and C should be capital.

Here is version 2 I think I like this better it is a bit more inspired.

Maybe show a guy doing a trials line on top of the letters. I liked the giraffe in there, but I also like that unispin one, maybe both?

Here’s one I just threw together real fast before bed.


Holy crap, Thats nice, except the pink needs to be a different color, and it needs Unicycles in it. Somehow. It is for a Unicycle website.

Keep it simple.
30 seconds with photoshop.

Not bad, needs a different color than a white background and different color outlining.

No and no. :slight_smile:
It’s fine as it is.
If it were a corporate logo for a new business then I could understand the hours people would spend pouring over every minute detail of it, but hey, it’s just a website banner. You’re thinking too hard about things.
I liked cmsustud19’s design, but I fear the wee unicyclists would be too small once the banner was on the page.
Not having a go, just giving a few pearls o’ wisdom from a designer with more than a few years experience.

That’ll be $200 please. :smiley:

Sorry this is off topic but i feel it must be said.

Casey, whoever you are all youve done in this thread is criticize everyones elses designs, which were all excellent and the one you did was terrible…So maybe until youve shown that you acctually have some design and drawing skills why dont you just keep to yourself.

Thats all.

And Cmsustud i love your one with the giraffe but i also like jerricks Trials idea…any way you could do up one like that?

I think you should have a person on a giraffe doing a unispin :sunglasses:
I would try to make one, but my skills with photoshop are very lacking.

also, I too love the idea of the guy doing a trials line or somehting like that.