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There was an earthquake while we were filming. I’m unfit.

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Haha, that was sweet… two questions: do you ride a slick tire? will you be at unicon 14?

loved the consistency… keep it up

That was great !

How many takes have you filmed before you actually got it ? Because I can pass like an hour just for a line of two or three moves…You’re really good !

Keep up the good riding…


That was prety fancy man. Looks like alot of fun to ride there, everywhere you turn there is something to hit. And yea I was also wondering how long you were filming before you got a line you were happy with.
Once again very impressed.

dang all that stuff is in most of your vids and its all within less than 500 feet of eachother…
nice vid though!!
liked that backwards up that 2 set though…and the wall plant uni spin watever they call it…

damn, all in one clip! that raped Shaun’s consistency vid!!

That was awesome Luke, not only did the one clip style of shooting show consistency but you made it really entertaining by weaving through the streets and hitting whatever you could. That video was so laid back and the music went really well. Great job.

that was amazing.


Yeah, it’s a bald Luna. I dont know where/when unicon is so i’m not sure.

Well I didnt get a line I was happy with, I was just trying to finish it haha. It took about 5 trys. Every time i did it I made it a bit easier cause it was too hard and I was really tired.

Great vid, realy enjoyed it. I dont no if you realise how lucky you are to have great places to ride.

yes and no, it was definatly alot better to watch but then shauns vid wasnt ment to be exiting. I believe shauns vid showed he is more consistant though as he hit alot more tricks in a tighter space including tech grinds and stuff.

If your using adobe premiere, check out 2d3 steady move. It will help for future earthquakes.

Great vid. :smiley:

hopw did you do that???
are you serious there was an earthquake?

Oh I get it. Earthquake was referring to my crappy filming! Hurrah!

I live to crappily film another day!

Dam, that was good! :smiley: Verry consistent.

I think has only the second pre/correction hop you’ve allowed into a vid out of all of your videos! :astonished:

Definately more entertaining than shaun’s vid but more consistant?

Higher res could have made up for a lot of the shakyness.

Man, Melborne just seems loaded with street spots. i wish I lived in Ausie Land. And where did you get your tire?

pedal slip! must have been the earthquake, right? :wink:

still, awsome job!

that was really smooth…good video.

awesome vid, but did your left foot slip at 1:50?

Nice vid. I wish there were that many spots where i live