deltitnU - oediV teertS

nice video, really enjoyable.

Gives me inspiration.

that was a sweet video dude.

u are really good!!!

keep up the good work!


May I just point out that at the start, if you look very closely, you will see look Luke doing pre hops. This is a truly rare occasion that we must savour.

ha ha i believe that is sig worthy.

I never noticed that until you mentioned it. I just saw the slight hop @ 2:23, the second pre/correction hop, total, I had ever se him do in any of his vids.

I wouldnt call that a “pre” or “correction” hop. It is more of a SET-UP hop so his cranks are inline for the set, and IMO a hop like that here and there is stylish. It shows that the ridder knows how to set up the cranks without having to perfectly line them up and roll backwards first.

Well, excluding jumping on/off of things that was only the second hop of any kind I had seen him do.

Lol. Thanks brother.

Soda, glue, bubble gum?..What do you think the trick is?

One uneditted line! Wow… awesome. Most people are lucky to land one or two of those tricks.
My only suggestion is get a steady cam

haha, your videos rock luke, i liked watching that a lot. that was one of the longest lines I have ever seen completed w/o a dismount, and it had some flip tricks in it, mad props. keep throwin down.