Defect: Zack Baldwin's world record sidehop.. pic please?

Hi all, having watched Defect a million times, I’m dead impressed by Zack Baldwin’s riding above everyone else, MANY bike trials riders want to see the world record sidehop to tyre that Zack does up to 8 pallets…

I had to return Defect to a mate, but I was hoping does anyone have Defect and would be kind enough to do a ‘Print screen’ jobby or whatever best method out there to get the picture of Zack Baldwin in a tucked landing on top of the pallets please?

Riding both bike and uni for trials, i must say it’s still dead impressively huge for a unicycle. Some of my bike trials friends don’t quite believe me that Baldwin can hope that high :stuck_out_tongue: . So I’m trying to get proof by getting a picture of Baldwin just as he lands on top, and send it to my two-wheeled chums :roll_eyes:

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

I may be wrong, but I don’t think that is the world record… Zack himself said both he and Ryan Atkins have each done ‘around’ 42".

But here’s some other pics I found:

Take off:

Here’s him landing 8:

This picture is almost a year old…

i thought my 5 pallet hop was high… some day(when i learn to hop seat out :roll_eyes: ) ill do atleast 7

Mind blowing.

I don’t have a picture of Zack’s hop, but i did a screen shot of one of my highest hops, for your interest.
it was around 106 - 107 cm. i’m not sure if this is the highest, just throwing it out there.


I’ve always wondered what makes a sidehop a huge sidehop. Is it pure leg strength? I’ve just passed my magical 32" barrier, but I still feel I could get a little higher. I’ve speedskated for roughly 10 years, and I was a fair sprinter, so I’d guess my leg strength is pretty OK. Or is it maybe the timing that makes you fly like a bird?

I dont think leg strength plays all to much into it, i can left 500+ pounds ( the machine at school goes to 450 then i had two of my friends that i know weigh more then 100lbs lay over the bar and i was able to still left it, i was in correct position and everything) but it is more of the timing and technique.

I see some ppl do SIF and they bearly tuck and are somewhat close to the item before jumping. Other people i see are somewhat far from the the item, do a pretty large pre-hop, and tuck the uni almost so it touched their butt, and those are the ones i see getting the real height when the others fail to get onto their object.

So i guess it all comes down to technique and practicing. Strong legs dont mean a higher height but you do need strength.

So far my highest hight is about 20inch to 2feet =p im improving that everyday.

And where is that video of someone doing an extremely high sidehop ontp a ledge, it seems like he is gonna go to a pedal grab, but he just goes straight to rubber, its the highest hop ive ever seen, hopefully i can go find it =p

I was always worried about hitting myself in the face with the seat. You’re about a cm away from kneeing yourself in the jaw there.

I’ve had a few close shaves myself. Also, if you fail to move the seat out far enough, you’ll hit yourself square in the chest. I’ve had a few bloodblisters to prove it.