Dedicated unicycle parking bays

Really pleased that our local authority is finally treating unicycling with the respect it deserves, with the introduction of the first purpose made unicycle on-street parking bay.

A single yellow line forbids parking at certain times of day. (2 parallel yellow lines indicate no parking ever.)

Here, the single yellow line has been painted onto a rotating street insert. A unicyclist is then able to rotate the insert until the single line is broken, and there is just enough space to park a unicycle, but no other vehicle.

Strictly, it’s a breach of the rules to overhang the yellow line with a conventional vehicle, even if your wheels are on unpainted road, so if the traffic wardens adopt a similar approach, the bay will be out of bounds for anything bigger than a 29, but it’s a start.

Your post is more fitted for “You know you’re a unicyclist when…”

If you have an extra frame on you, you can use the sewer pit-lid as a wheel. Then you have 2 uni’s

When workmen put those covers back, it’s not like it’s hard to make the paint line up. I think they do it like that on purpose…

Yup, someone is mad at his boss. Or the world.