De-nubbing K1 street cranks?

Good or bad idea? ankle bites suck, and I think I read somewhere that someone did it and liked them better?

You could wear high top shoes, and/or ankle braces, ankle biters or denub your cranks.

Several have denubed their Torker DX cranks (including me), or Qu-Ax 10 splines, but I’ve never heard of Koxx. Evan Byrne made a tutorial thread w/ a vid.

A crank puller is now impossible to use, making them hard to remove. I had to teeter-totter them off using a huge screw driver for leverage, to switch cranks. Probably not good to do repeatedly for the life of the splines. I also needed to replace the crank bolt w/ a '04 KH (prob would be different for a Koxx). I ground them down on a virtical belt sander using a square metal block to keep it square to the belt.

I hit the cranks a lot less often and when I do, it often doesn’t really bother me, because they aren’t out as far and the bolt’s rounder surface. I could have ground off a few more MMers if I had a milling machine. IMO it’d be hard to get an even surface for the bolt if I’d ground it down w/ a hand grinding wheel like Evan did, which would have also allowed me to get those extra MMers.

It’s possible.

Koxx Street Cranks usually are self removable… You just untight it and it comes off, so he woudln’t need a crank puller.

If you’re doing flat, you may loose a bit of space to put your foot on. I tested some de-nubbed K1s at UNICON and didn’t noticed much difference…

Bobousse (his user profile) de-nubbed his cranks, drop he a pm and he can tell you more about it… I think I tried his cranks at UNICON…