day in the city video

I was watching one of my old skateboarding dvd’s called day in the city 2 the idea was that people posted video’s of them selves to the magazine,the best one’s got on to the dvd i think i would be really cool to make a uni version,i think i have access to editing stuff i will have to check, but i will only edit the parts to together you would have to edit your own sections and put music on if you want. i would sell it but only of the price of the video and postage who’s in?

How would people get their video segments to you?


post,email i don’t know really it’s just an idea really

and a very kewl one indeed

maybe u could suggest it to the powers-at-be and get something like this included in UNiVERsE 3?
get those videos uploaded to a gallery and create a poll where users of this forum could vote for the best one

it might be a good idea to fix a certain length for the video (3minutes?) to ensure that we compare apples with apples?

would it be neccesary to create categories?
ie trials, muni, street, mixed?

Yeah good idea, you could have a weekly (or maybe monthly) vote on specific things. For example, this month could be “best new move”… and next month could be “best bail” and then u could eventually put all the “bests” together. Maybe even have a criteria for people to vote on… what are we looking for? -flair?camera work? good execution? Hmm, good execution would be interesting come voting time for the best bails.

If you’re gonna go through with it you’ll have to address the copyright issues if people are sendin in music.


true may have to skip music but i am not selling the video content for profit i am selling the tape it’s self so i dnno what i would do but this look’s like it’s going to be a good project.

I think the video’s a great idea, I’m in 4 sure, but lets leave UNiVERsE 3 outta this, this should be a video for everyday unicyclists by everyday unicyclists

let’s say we do make one in to a real video we would have to make a uk one and a us one me thinks


Great idea ben!

I do think we should keep it as UK only. If anyone from anywere else in the world wants to make one too, that would be cool!

I agree with KlownLife! Leave UNiVERsE 3 outta this, this should be a video for everyday unicyclists by everyday unicyclists


Yes Uk only!!! because we deserve to have our own video :slight_smile:


at the risk of sounding argumentative…

i’m not suggesting ‘replacing’ this idea with the inclusion in uni3 idea
i’m suggesting that inclusion in UNiVERsE 3 would be a very nice final reward and a nice incentive for all the unicyclist-videographers, who keep me entertained for hours, to get involved in a project like this

since i have no idea how the makers of UNiVERsE 3 feels about this, i’m obviously just throwing ideas out there

bear in mind that some awesome videos have come from the continent
making it country specific might be a bit limiting?

Well fine then. I was getting all excited about this idea but no. You guys are too good for us Australians it seems!


What I meant by my question before was that it would be ideal to do it all on something like MiniDV tape and have people actually send in the tape. Actually no, it wouldn’t be ideal because then you couldn’t edit it and so on could you? I don’t know. I was just thinking that you’d want it to be good quality if it was a DVD and for good quality it’s going to be very big in file size.

If you end up making one that anyone can send things in to I have a great addition to the bails section…my face plant! :slight_smile:


yeah but there are good people here so don’t forget that!

We should only limit it to certain areas eg the UK purely because it would be so much more complicated receiving footage from around the world, indeed it would be better as we would be sampling a larger range of skill, but the best thing is to keep it simple, also UK people will feel they can relate more with UK cyclists just as Australia cyclists will feel they can relate with Australia Unicyclists more

miniDV or Digital8 tapes would be great, no loss of quality when you chuck them on the PC for editing. I think there are 1 or 2 kiwis who are keen to make an extreme dvd, maybe an Aussie/NZ collaboration would work?

If you wanted a decently edited video, the best thing to do would be to get 3 or 4 minutes total of good footage with only basic editing (ie. only the interesting footage) off people and then edit it down properly to about 60 seconds or so of final video. That way you’d avoid having totally jarring editing or music between all the different parts and it’d also mean the music clearance issues would be down to the person doing the final edit. It’d mean that we could avoid terrible editing, most internet videos are really really badly edited, often because people just bung in all the footage of something rather than cutting it down to look better.

It’s easy to receive footage as long as people record DV rather than analog, so can get it into a computer. The ideal thing would be for people to upload their 3 minutes to a gallery compressed down to 20 megs or so, but keep the uncompressed or high quality versions on their machine for if they got voted in.

The ultimate thing would be just for everyone to post 3 minutes unedited on the web and then anyone who wanted to could choose a bunch of them and do an edit.

I don’t really see why to limit it to one country, it’d be cool to have a bunch of different sections for different countries. You can fit loads of stuff on a dvd. Maybe do a different country each time.

The ideal way to do this might be to use some kind of peer to peer networking thing, like kazaa or whatever people are using nowadays. Perhaps BitTorrent, which lets people download big files from loads of places at once, or WASTE which lets you set up a private peer to peer network. Otherwise we’re relying on someone having a really really big disk drive to store the footage on. The only thing with bittorrent is that it’s quite complicated to setup if you’re not a techy.


very cool idea!

i absolutely love the idea, the only problem is i don’t have access to a decent camera.:frowning: i have got a mini-mini-DV (runs off of SD memory) its quality isnt too bad, it’s quite watchable on a tv set, so am i in or do i need to get hold of a better camera?

will there be separate sections for trials, freestyle, Muni and street or all mixed up togeter?


anyone who want’s in who can do it video quality is not a problem.i will have to see what edit stuff the guy has.also so one said about one person should edit it,the other cool thing about the video was all the different styles of editing some choosing an “arty style” and some going for hardcore just riding and music.

does this mean there’ll be lots of little three/four minute shorts that each entrant has edited together themselves. then all of the shorts that make it onto the full version will be put together back to back. of so, i like that idea:D it’ll be cool to see loads of peoples different editing styles and see what they can come up with.


I think that’s a great idea… each segment would show not just that person’s riding style but what they like in a video too. A good way to see a little bit of everything. If they’re arranged properly the result could be fantastic!