Darren Bedford's Tangerine Dream

I was surprised to find a big package on my front porch when I came home this evening. The Tangerine Dream (yes, like the instrumental group of the 80’s) had arrived days earlier than Darren had predicted. For some reason he thought it was the Tangerine Taxi but I think that was just a translation gap between US and Canadian.

I had gone to visit the Mississippi boys (Chris “rhysling” LeFay and Lewis “Animation” Beard) in January and received the generous gift of a Dyno FireBall tire. All I had to do was decide what unicycle to build around this “spare tire” I seemed to grow due to southern hospitality. Once I saw Darren’s photos of powder coated Yuni frames, Suzue hubs, and Alex DX32 rims, and then saw Erin’s orange ensemble I knew what I had to do. I have a couple of photos below with Buster serving as a color guide in one. Darren promised me a nice gift in the package (after I threatened him with bodily harm if he didn’t ship some more of his Canada Maple Leaf pins with the unicycle) and he sent me the orange, matching cap I’m sporting in the two elegant poses. It has one of the pins attached on the front if you can find it. The black “MUni Militia” T-shirt is a must for photo ops anymore. Thanx, Chex.

Darren was a joy to deal with. I was unsure of exactly what I wanted initially but he made recommendations based on the tire I had and the intended use. He was prompt with responses, not at all pushy, upfront with his stock and delivery restrictions on the KH saddle, quickly quoted the price including all applicable fees, and refused to cash the check until the uni was delivered. The unicycle is bright and I like the contrast with the black spokes, all black KH Velo saddle, and big, black FireBall tire. The KH is comfy and the tire is cushy. Darren included a big, fat 24x3 downhill tire tube knowing I would be filling the FireBall with it. That’s in addition to the cap and the pins. It was like an early birthday party.

I want to get some black cranks when I decide what length I think I’d like. I already have two pairs of the gorgeous, chrome Wellgo B-27 pedals.

By the way, the knee in the foreground had surgery less than three weeks ago. That didn’t keep me from crank grabbing a 50cm object and going to rubber neatly on the top of it last Sunday for the first time.


24" Yuni frame, powder coated orange
36 spoke Suzue hub, powdercoated orange
Alex DX32 rim, powdercoated orange
KH Velo saddle, all black
400mm chrome seatpost
150mm chrome cranks
Black plastic temporary pedals
Quick release seatpost clamp welded to frame
Quick release seatpost bayonet
24x3 heavy duty downhill tube with Shrader valve

$345 US all fees and delivery included
weight 14 lbs. 11 oz. (6.68 kg)

To top it off, a Dyno FireBall tire, thanks to my two friends in Mississippi. There is no community like the unicycling community.

Here’s photo number two.

Who’s that young guy with a stylish orange beanie, riding a bright tangerine?

hmm, and looks like buster doesnt like tangerines…

I gotta say that looks really cool. Bedford is really onto something with the intense colors. I think they really appeal to people who don’t mind being looked at. I would say that is pretty much anyone riding a uni in public.:smiley: I am sure you will draw a lot of attention with that one. I haven’t been riding 2 months and I am already wanting to get one of those!

That orange unicycle makes you look much younger for some reason.

That is a beautiful ride! The orange rim and frame are absolutely meant to be combined with the Fireball! Excellent choice…I’m in awe over your superior taste…you can decorate my unicycles anytime…

Good to hear that you’re so enthusiastically back on the wheel so soon after surgery!


(I dunno, Max. I think Buster is merely shielding his eyes from the radiant, yet mellow glow of the Tangerine Dream… :sunglasses: )

That thing is a real looker. I hadn’t made the connection that the colored Bedford’s were actually Yuni frames painted by Bedford.

Two questions: 1) Will he do custom on other frame types? 2) Greg, what’s your primary riding target with this combo?


Tangerine wears you well.

I’m surprised you didn’t order the 200mm post and fabricate a custom extension for it. I can see by the post sticking below the frame I am going to have to bring my pipe cutter along for the next ride.

Its the lack of facial hair. We were riding with Greg for about an hour last Sunday before we realized it was him. He had to bribe us with Root Beer just to convince us it was him so he could ride with us.

Harper, what a beautiful MUni… and you look quite stunning in your new cap as well!

Great choice, gotta love the orange on orange (on orange).

Darren is a wonderful guy to dream up uni ideas with, and, well… he is just plain an all round sweet guy. :wink:

Thanks for the pic’s and for sharing your enthusiasm over the Tangerine Dream.

Now, if only I had a digital camera so that I could rave and show pic’s of the yellow Bedford 29 inch ‘Gazelle’…:smiley:


I love the school colors orange and black. Very nice. I’ll try to dig up an OSU beaver sticker to put on that unicycle. :slight_smile:

In honour of the Tangerine Dream uni I am now playing my Tangram Tangerine Dream album (yes a genuine vinyl record album). I think I shall play Tangerine Dream’s Force Majeure next.

What? Nothing recent???

I haven’t liked much of their stuff post-Optical Race. And nothing past Lily on the Beach (sorry, Jerome). I like Riccochet, Stratosphere, Green Desert, Cyclone, etc. – anything that takes at least five minutes to build up to the point where it sounds like music. :slight_smile:

And just so I’m not completely off-topic, those look like the pedals I have on my Yuni 29". Why are they temporary?

Dave (uni57)

Contact Darren and ask him about custom stuff. His website is

The most recent photos of his color schemes are at

I wanted this to be a hybrid road/trails uni. I’ll have to try it, experiment with crank lengths in both situations and, when I decide, I’ll buy the correct crank length in black and put on the Wellgo B-27’s. Like Emeril, I will take the whole ensemble “up a notch” with that addition.

Those pedals are like ice when they’re wet. They have no grip on the trail. The B-27’s have nice, sharp pins.

What’s “OSU”? Is that a virus of some kind? You’re going to put stickers on my unicycle? With beavers on them? Is that some kind of voodoo trick that will make my knee swell so you can pass me when we race? Have you photoshopped those photos of my crank grab yet? I have the feeling your head is going to be on my shoulders in that shot.

Here is the photo of you doing a pedal grab up on to the capped off pipe. You own that pipe now. Dan Heaton jumped up on to that pipe in Universe but he has been forced to relinquish his ownership because you have now jumped up on to it. It’s yours now!

And yes, Greg did land the transition from crank grab to rubber up on to the pipe. I just don’t have a picture of it.


Beautiful uni. I had given up thoughts of having my coker frame powder-coated…now you’ve got me thinking about it again.

Why did you have the seat post clamp welded to the frame? Seems like it could be a lot of trouble if it ever breaks.

They are also the same kind of pedals that tried to extract my front teeth and reshape my nose at Durham…


The Yuni frames come with the clamp welded to the frame. Some others do, also.

Hope they have some good Teriyaki we can try in MN. You may have to change your sig line.

ive seen 4 Yuni frames,all with removable seat collars.has there been a design change…?

That’s interesting. My Yuni frame did not have the clamp welded on. It has a nice allen-bolt clamp on there.

I guess that’s neither here nor there…I just wanted to know if there was some wacky benefit to welding your post clamp on.

Re: Darren Bedford’s Tangerine Dream

>Who’s that young guy with a stylish orange beanie, riding a bright

You’re looking at the wrong picture… that young man is wearing a toque.