Dan Heaton injured

hey everybody,

dan broke his right heel and his left ankle taking a bad uni fall last night.

we have been out on the road for the last few weeks gathering some awesome footage for a new video. unfortunately dan is now unable to ride or film, so the video will be delayed for a bit now.

hopefully dan will be back up and riding in a few months. just wanted to wish him a speedy recovery and let people know whats up.

-jeff groves

Sorry to hear about that.
Get well soon Dan.

  • Frank

that sucks, hope he has a speedy recovery.


Shame that had to happen. Get well soon.

Edit: Terrible question, i know, but i have to ask.
was this mother-of-all eat-its caught on tape? What was Dan attempting to do?

Owch! Both feet… hope he’s not too bummed about it and gets better quick.

Did you at least get it on film? :roll_eyes:

Hopefully it was still a fun trip and you all had a good time.

Can’t wait to see the video.

  • James

Yikes! That’s a tough one. Good luck on a fast recovery, Dan.


Ouch, Ouch, Ouch.

I broke one heel on a bad uni fall and that was bad enough.

Maybe Max can send the Fireball Wheel Chair.

Get well soon. Enjoy the pain killers.


Dam :frowning: I hope he recovers far. Whatever happens don’t try to speed everything up just for a release date and not get good footage. I’d much rather you take your time and make a really awesome movie!

Sorry to hear about your mishap. Wishing you a quick recovery.

how did it happen? what trick or move was he doing? that royaly blows.

Please answer our questions. We want to know. Dan I hope you get well really soon. Although it is kinda mean, did you catch it on video? Sorry to be rude.

sorry to hear about that mishap. finally his hand heals and now he is injured again. well hope he recovers quickly and dont push yourself right away. let that stuff heal for a bit. anyho, hood luck on the rest of the tour.
Kyle Grasso www.insane.unicyclist.com

There was a unicycle basketball game with the SemCycle team. Dan seemed to be walking and riding fine all the way through that. Something must have happened after we left.

hey. dan dude, so sorry to hear it. im glad that i got my filming in with you, but this blows. just rest up like you rested that hand. take your time on the vid, we all appreciate the work you do for the uni world with the videos. so everyone will be patient with the recovery, and U3 will kick ass. thanks for filming me last week man,
Kevin (dinosaur)

Hey, sorry to hear about that one. hopefully you’ll be back on you’re feet faster than I was. And Im sorry to say, no can do on the chairball, it’s been stripped for parts (it used the same spokes as suzue hubs with dx32’s).


Good chance to work on one footed skills.:wink: Sorry to hear about that. Your still young and heal quick. Still a bummer though.

Dammit, thats terrible. I hope you get better very quickly, and get out there and unicycle some more man.

Dan Heaton is actually my favorite rider…

Thats a bummer to hear.
Get better soon.

Get well soon!