Dan Heaton injured

Hey Dan,

That sucks worse than all of the death hikes I brought you on while filming. Heal well buddy.


Bummer is an understatement.
He broke his right heel and left ankle. It is safe to assume that one foot skills are out of the question. Walking may even be out of the question.

I hope they’re fractures and not full on breaks that require pins and surgery to repair.

Terrible news! Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery from Tokyo.


Oooh, so it IS going to be called Universe 3? I like the whole Universe thing. I think he should continue with the line, it just… suits it.

Also Kevin… do you mind telling us about this dinosaur thing? :smiley:


here’s adding another voice to the ‘speedy recovery’ choir
and another one to the ‘rest is best’ choir

what will dan spend all his sitting-down-time on?
learning new editing software?
writing about the making of UNiVERSe 1 & 2?
would make an interesting read

I think he’ll just take it easy personally. Maybe he could just drink beer until he passes out, it’d pass the time quickly… coz he’d be asleep.

Get well soon please, Dan!


Heal. Soon. And no one tell my girlfriend, I finally convinced her this was a safe sport :wink:

Dan Heaton is getting around on 4 wheels now as a result of his accident on the 28th of July in Michigan. Dan did a 14ft drop and stuck it real good…off a 14ft chain driven uni owned by Sem Abrahams . Dan held onto the uni all the way down and didn’t roll out of the fall. He walked away from it, but wisdom prevailed and a trip to the hospital followed.

Following a night in the hospital a specialist checked Dan out and he was given a six week recovery estimate. Dan is now on his way home being driven accross North America by one of the stars from Universe2, Jeff Groves.

As a previous post mentioned, Dan and Jeff have been traveling western Canada and the eastern US working on a new film project. This is NOT going to be Universe3. It is my understanding that Dan wants to create a film that captures the style, skills, creativity and character of various individual riders in a way the Universe films haven’t.

I’ve now squeezed my brain of all the details I could think of to anwser all your questions…I don’t get on the forum much anymore so I probably won’t be answering any more questions.

Jeese…I hope you get better soon, so much for filming when you get back to Washington;) I imagin it was quite painful.:frowning:

get well soon.

-Sabin A.

shit happens and it’s a drag when it does but it is still better than staying safely strapped onto the couch. here’s wishing you a speedy recovery.


boy…why is DH even better than us all at getting hurt?

Hope you are up and riding soon (but not sooner than you should be!)

Heel Soon

wow he actually posted for once.





I hate thedan that song is 5 min of awesome hell.


Now Dan can go extreme in his weel chair! Well that drop sucks i hope dan gets well soon. You must be crazy to do a 14 foot drop thats like 2 and 1/2 times the height of a normal person. Holy Crap Dan is Crazy Man, CRAZY!!!

Thank you, TheDan!


Yeah, but like you said, it’s definitely some very awesome hell.

Sounds painful. Rotten luck, Dan. Get well soon.

The Army’s human factors research group once told me that 14 feet is the height where you are almost certain to break either your feet or ankles from a drop. Stick it, roll out of it, land at an angle - it doesn’t really matter what you do in the instant after your feet make the initial contact. The shock of suddenly stopping at the ground is what breaks the bones.

Why would they know? They were working on ankle braces and/or boots to allow paratroopers to fall at faster rates (makes it harder for people to shoot them while they are in the air), but the foot bones broke even inside the boots so they gave up.

On the bright side, broken bones heal much better and faster than torn ligaments, and wheelchair wheelies look like a lot of fun.

That sucks!!! Hope you get better soon. Also, have fun on the wheelchair (if that’s possible, compared to unis). Street wheelchairing?

So basically don’t fall off anything taller than 14’, or you’re screwed? Makes me wonder, how’d Kris Holm survive so many attempts on the lobotmizer drop without getting seriously injured, considering he didn’t land it on his first try.