dan heaton films

what is your opinion about dan heaton’s uni films Defect, Universe, etc

they are all pretty sweet and I willing to bet that they laid the foundation for todays extreme unicycling scene

They are all terrible. :roll_eyes:

Someone’s gona take me seriously… I just know it.



First really cool unicycle video. Showed mostly old school street, with some trials and mountain stuff. made in 2005.

its awsome shit the both of em, they came out (universe1,2) when there wasnt many people at all posting vids up so gave us a glimpse of some of top riders at the time, great vids but, peleschramm dont know what his tlking bout

Hahahahahahahahaha! :stuck_out_tongue:

I preferred Universe 2 over defect.

But both excellent DVD’s

Great Films

Both are great films/videos.
I think that Pele was just being sarcastic since these films are so well known.


Why do you laugh?

You can highlight my original post for clarification.

Hah, funny.

Explaining what is Defect to one of the riders who was in Defect: that’s class.

Had no idea. Who is it?

Justin Kohse.

Keep on truckin’!!!

Yes, thats pretty funny!

Wait a minute, I thought he was laughing for a different reason. Defect wasn’t the “First really cool unicycle video.” The first one was Universe (2000).

There weren’t many before that, but they were all pretty boring. by comparison. George Peck’s Rough Terrain Unicycling was inspiring and historic, but not in the same category of watchable as any of Dan’s stuff.

Aah, oh well. I dont feel stupid, because i didnt look at the credits. :roll_eyes:

They say their names at each of their clips, you don’t need the credits.

The name didnt come to mind. Didnt reconise it