Daily Skills Workshops at Unicon 21

I’m helping organize some of the workshops at Unicon 21 and we are looking for some people who can run some of them. We plan to have Daily Skills Workshops and want to try and include as many disciplines as we can. Here are some examples:

-High Jump (Max Schulze will be doing this one)

-Crank Flips


-Wheel walk/stand up wheel walk

-Mounts (Andy Cotter?)

-Track/Road Racing (Ken Looi?)

-Grinds or some type of street workshop

-Rolling Wraps

-Uni Touring (Dave Cox?)


-Group Freestyle

If you think you could teach any of the above or know someone who would be good at it, please reach out to me via a direct message or email me at info@unicyclingunicorn.com. :pray:

Thank you in advance for helping to make this Unicon 21 one of the most fun ones yet!

Oh and if you want to learn something and think others would too, or want to teach something else that is not listed above, reply below what it is and we will try and make it happen!


How about seat out wheel walking? Like seat in front, seat in back, seat on side (not daiki walk, the one where you have both feet on the wheel, if that’s even a thing), etc.

I think Julien ride would make an interesting workshop too. I’ve been getting better at this one on my own, so I’m bringing it up more for other people. It can be tricky to get started on which is why I’m mentioning it.

I could go on all day about stuff I’d like to learn, but here’s a few.

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Might I suggest having a crankrolls workshop rather than a rolling wrap workshop? Rolling wrap isn’t the easier crankroll, and I think it might be easier and more approachable. Backroll is much easier for example, is easily done as a mount. Also there are many general tips that apply to all crankrolls that can be given as an introduction. Workshop could start with a roll mount, and then move on to harder and harder rolls as it progresses.

Just my 2 cents. I would be happy to host, but I’m fairly sure I won’t be able to make it this year.


I won’t be at Unicon, but it’s great to hear that work is being done to keep the convention part alive by encouraging workshops!

As a side not that hopefully doesn’t fully derail this thread, Ian (from RideOne) starts people with a half (forward) roll mount, then progresses towards riddim rolls as the first introduction to rolls.
I started with rolling wraps and backrolls too in the beginning, but I think what Ian does is good, seems like the easiest way to introduce a lot of fundamental skills.

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I wont be there, but I think an idling workshop would be well attended.

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I won’t be there, but at Unicon 20 there has been a freewheel muni workshop which had got positive feedbacks. You may try and propose one if freewheelers will be at Unicon 21.


It was a blast participating in this workshop. Most downhill sections were way too technical for me, but really cool anyways.
I won’t have my freewheel in Bemidji, but would have loved to.


I have a Flick Flock hub to sell if you’re interested. This way, you could use a single wheel for fixed and freewheel riding in Bemidji :innocent:


I don’t have the money for it right now, due to a golden machine being concepted in Canada.


I would enjoy a freewheel muni instruction. Still much to learn regarding freewheel and any help to expedite the process is wanted. Only had 2 trail rides on it, with more portions than I wanted as walking.


I don’t know if it counts as “skills” but I’d be happy to do a Sumo workshop. I’m only going to be at Unicon for a limited time; it would have to be during the first four days of Unicon.

(Apologies for not being able to stay for the rest; we had a larger trip already planned, to celebrate Jacquie’s retirement; we’re going to the Olympics!)


Hi John,

I hope to meet you one of those days.


I’m sadly probably not going either way, but when I was more seriously considering it I was a little disappointed by the lack of anything ultimate-wheel related, though I know it’s a bit niche. I suppose related more mainstream skills like SIF, SIB, seat drag, would also be interesting.

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Come and find me, I should arrive around dinner time on July 13, and have to head home early on the 18th. I’m skipping the Muni practice day but will be there for race day. If the Unicycle Museum thing works out, I’ll be hanging around there as well. :slight_smile:

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