D. Doerksen old videos.. demotape_ok?

Hey Folks,

I’ve been out of unicycling for the past ~20 years. Anybody have any of the old clips I put online back in the day? Hoping to find demotape_ok. It’s been a while…

Dan Doerksen



Maybe you can try to send a personal messages to the users who said they have those clips in this topic: Some Sick Street style vids.

Yeah, it’s in deed 20 years later, but maybe someone still has the same email address (to receive the notification) AND the clips somewhere?

The legend himself! I have to say that bluntslide in Baker Has a Deathwish *chef kiss

I would love to see demotape_ok, hopefully someone still has it somewhere…

You were an inspiration to me in the early 00’s! I watched that video of yours with the Sneaker Pimps song like a hundred times. I definitely HAD all of your videos downloaded from your website. I’ll have to check some old hard drives to see if I still got them. Give me a few hours to check. No promises though.

Damn, I think it’s gone. I sincerely hope someone’s still got it. Have you asked Dan Heaton?

I still got UNiVERsE 2 on DVD though. Your part was sick. In fact I think I’ll watch it now. Those dreds were pretty dope lol.


I tried to contact you one of the times when I was in Vancouver probably 20 years ago. The online videos maybe John Childs has. You were in at least one of Dan Heaton’s DVDs. Maybe he captured your online content at one time. I’m guessing you have his DVDs but, if not, I can post mine to you in Canada for book rate which is cheap if you want. I could also quietly and covertly make a copy of it if you told me which one it is and didn’t tell Heaton so he wouldn’t look me up and “kick my ass”.

For tech-savy Canadians I would try Brian MacKensie in London first for another possible source of your online posts. Jeff Groves and Ryan Atkins may also have lifted your videos at one time or another.

-Greg Harper

For 20 years I’ve been hauling around a folder of old unicycling videos from the days before YouTube. Still have them. Including a DanDoerksen folder with demotape_ok and short clips.


JC has proved once again that he is THE man.

Thanks for the interest and kind words. Had a retrospective moment and now I’m pretty interested to peer back thru time. I just picked up a copy of universe 2 off an online auction. Would love to get those videos off of you, John. Cheers!

You’ll absolutely get a copy of the video files I have. It’s 116 MB worth of files. Not big for online video now, but was big files for streaming 20 years ago.

I’ll PM you with contact info to share the files. Assuming your new account has PM privileges. We will definitely get this figured out so you have the old video files. Harper also has my contact info if all else fails.

I also had a retrospective moment watching some of the videos in my unicycling video archive folder. I hadn’t watched any of those videos in like 10 years or so. Brings back memories. And makes me feel old. But not as old as Harper.

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I’ve increased their trust level so there won’t be any related limitations :+1:

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@d.doe I really hope you make those videos available for the rest of us too. There are plenty who would love to see these again!


I tried to quote:

@d.doe I really hope you make those videos available for the rest of us too. There are plenty who would love to see these again!

…But somehow messed it up, so hopefully this gets my point across. :grin:


: ) Sure, I’ll put something up when I get ahold of those clips.


Hi Dan!

I saw your question in the weekly summary that I get through e-mail, and started a search on my local media since I have downloaded and saved quite a few files in those old days. To be sure, I found a Dan Doerksen folder that originally contained about 20 avi’s and jpg’s from you (not including demotape_ok, though). I can see that on a list of file names that is still in the folder. But the avi’s seem to be gone (probably deleted in an effort to save storage space), I only have four jpg’s dating from 2003.

I was gonna post this rather disappointing result here, only to find out that the legendary (*) John Childs is not only still alive and apparently reading the forum, but also has no less than 116 MB of the target material available. That’s amazing!

Dan, if you are interested in pillargap.jpg, platformtranny.jpg, steamroller.jpg and dropair.jpg, I can post them here or otherwise send them to you. I think these are original file names, but maybe I have made them up myself at the time.

(*) First and only-ever winner of the “RSU Helpfulness And Overall Quality Of Advice Award”, in 2004

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Thanks, got the documents from John. Much appreciated!