Some Sick Street style vids.

I’m not sure if someone has posted these video’s here anytime soon, but I’m sure you guys will appreciate them.

They are some of the best shorts I have seen in a while

Thanks to Dan Doerksen for filming himself.



forgot the link…

check them out

Wow he’s awesome. I’m not that good, I wish I was. Soooo humbled.

Wow, those are very tastey bits of video. Time to go practice.

  • Sal

That 360 over the 4 stairs is rockin’!

… it doesn’t work for me :astonished: i get page cannot be displayed

Excellent clips! I like how they’re big and clear, and mercifully short to keep the file size down. Just one trick, to watch over and over. Except for the library stair rail. If the grinds don’t leave a mark, fine. But I’m sure they do. That blue rail in one of the other clips is a prime candidate. It looks like it was pretty “worn” in the first place.

no worries on the rail. it looks like its a good one, so no doubt some skateboarders have already trashed it. and those are excellent videos… i stumbled upon them a few months ago, and it inspired me. i myself am working on my 360s down sets, but ive taken a break because of this cursed snow! but there will be a 360 or two in my video “monkeylamp” see ya, Kevin

I too saw those vids a few months ago, and if I ever need a little amping before a ride, I put them all on as well as the Muniac movie I downloaded to get some inspiration…

I snapped the bolts attaching my old viscount seat to the seatpost attempting a 360 spin off stairs (as well as a fractured hip)…
As a happy little spinner now, I’d recommend finding a 1.5/2 foot clean drop off to practice on before you try stairs…

of course i wouldnt try them down sets right away, i can do them down small drops, its just a matter of getting smooth ones while doing a forward hop. later

Holy smokes thoughs vids are great! How’d ya learn to grind like that?

I just can’t stop watching these videos! I’m up to the 7th one so far and I’ve really enjoyed them all. That looks like a really fun type of unicycling.


What city is Dan from? I hope he’s going to be at nationals. I’d love to see some of that in person.

He is from Abbotsford, BC, Canada. Nope I don’t know him but I did some investigative reporting. You know that library in handrail02, well… there it is. I hope he makes it there as well.

  • Sal

That is some good investigating. Thanks.

Re: Some Sick Street style vids.

Every time I click on that link it tells me page cannot be found. Am
I doing something wrong?

  • Jacob

Re: Some Sick Street style vids.

Now it’s working!

Thanks for the link! Those are amazing! My cycle would crumple
benieth me if I tried that! Gotta save my pennies! Gotta try it!

  • Jacob

They D’ont work for me. It says something like : AVI is not a format that quicktime understands.

Any help?


Try them in Media Player or something… that’s what it uses by default on my system.



Quicktime will not normally play avi files. However it is possible to download a divx codec for quicktime which will make it possible. This can be found at after installing this you should be able to play the avi files.

  • Sal

PS This is advice for MacOS v8.6 or higher. If you have a Windows machine use Media Player.