CyclePro Muni

Our shop just got in a new CyclePro Muni with:

  • Sealed Cartridge Bearing.
  • DX32 Wheel.
  • Luna Bike Trial 20 X 2.50 tire.
I have a 20" CyclePro but it's not a muni. At my age, I probably shouldn't consider munis anyway.

Anyhow, I’m listing it in our online store and couldn’t find any info about CyclePro. It arrived in a shipment from Raleigh but Raleigh has no reference to unicycles or CyclePro on their site. At this point I don’t even have a photo of the muni but I hope to be able correct that by tomorrow. Would any of you have any more info on the product?
Here’s the listing. We also have a Torker CX 24" and a Torker Giraffe.
We only ship in the US. The muni will ship for free but the other two will have some additional shipping charges.

I wouldn’t buy it based on so little information. I’m curious though, to see what they’ve got. If I understand correctly, CyclePro is a brand that was attached to relatively generic unicycles from Taiwan, at least in the 80s and 90s. Decent, cheap unicycles. I thought West Coast Cycle was one of the big distributors.

But then Torker came along. Did Torker replace CyclePro from West Coast Cycle? Did they start their own brand so they could spec their own unicycles? Not sure. But Torker has actually listened to us unicyclists, and their products have gotten much better as a result.

I would enquire from the company for pictures, or a more detailed list of components like frame, seat, you know, the little things people should expect to know before buying. Also I notice it’s a 20". To me, 20" isn’t really a MUni unless you’re a little kid. Those wheels are great for hopping but terrible for rolling over the rough stuff. Get a 24" or larger if you want to ride trails, or any kind of distance.

Oh, and you’re not too old for MUni. At least I hope not, that would leave me only 15 more years of fun!


Thanks, John!

I’ll try to dig up more specs and I’ll bring in my camera tomorrow to post a shot of it. Maybe it would be a good setup to introduce youngsters to MUni.

CyclePro is apparently still part of Raleigh although I can find very little info connecting the two. I just found a package of 2004 Reflective Steel Bike Cuff Clips in the shop with a CyclePro label. The back says Raleigh America. Kent, WA. Amazing that a Google search yields so little information on CyclePro.


Okay, I took some photos. There is no manufacturer’s ID on the saddle.

By the picture it looks like it would be good for light trials and Muni, esp for kids as John said.

How many spokes? Looks like 36. Size of post? 22 mm.? How firm is the seatbase?

Could be a good platform to start w/ and upgrade hub/cranks, seat as nessesary.

Looks like a MUni in the same way that the bikes at Kmart are mountain bikes. It’s got a decent rim and maybe tire, the rest of it looks pretty cheap. Square taper cranks, Viscount knockoff seat with no handle. I probably would steer kids elsewhere unless it’s significantly cheaper than the splined trials unis.

It is what it is…

I can’t tell you any more about it. If anyone is interested, here’s the link.

hey, can you link us to a place to buy that tire?

That uni is actualy widely available in Canada. It is pretty much exactly the same as the bedford light duty trials aswell, unless he has updated it at all.

Its a pretty decent uni minus the seat as far as cotterless trials unis go.

Basically all you need for that to be a good trials uni is to get a better hubset and your good to go.

I used to have one that was exactly like that and it was great for learning trials on, but I also didn’t and don’t way much so for larger people learning muni or trials they should get a splined hubset for it.

Pretty much any bikeshop that has that uni or something similar can get the tire. Even the one in town known fondly as shafters can get the tire for 25 bucks which is a damn good price for a new mod tire.

any online sources for that tire in the US?

The MUni has been sold

The MUni has been sold. We still have a 24" Torker Unistar TX and a Torker Unistar TX Giraffe available.