custom PBR style MUNI handlebar (black c$ck) for bb23

See PM for more info.

The pics show Black Cock version 2 with a bolt-on 1.5" delrin ball on the end (delrin is a little brother to Nyolon and is just about indestructable).
BC V3 is different in that it has a stainless steel bolted connection through the middle of the lift handle into a threaded barrel welded at angle into the shaft of the handlebar . (This replaces the industrial cable ties you see in the pictures).

My TIG welds for the threaded barrels/fasteners for both the Delrin ball and the lift handle bolt are flush to the surface of the handlebar so you can still slide brake levers down over the handlebar.

I build these for left OR right handed orientation and can customize it somewhat if you want something different. They come with a modified/milled lift handle and are made to fit any KH, Nimbus or Velo seat base, though you need to tell me if you are installing on the 2009 KH seatbase with integrated fasteners or the older style KH base. No stiffener plate needed. This bar is very rigid and durable.

Also, this bar makes the KH Spooner unnecessary - as the bar changes the orientation of your hand so it grips the brake lever balde in a similar way to a bike handlebar. THe handle bar also helps protect the brake lever from UPD damage. This shows the BC in action ridden by the shotgun wielding chap at about 1.30 min:

I’ve made dozens of these Black cocks for local riders and have yet to hear of one that broke or bent. In the words of another local rider that has one, “once you go black, you never go back”

Let me know if you are interested.


Well now, this presents a very interesting delimma: from a mechanical/functional point of view, this thing looks like the cat’s meow. It matches my idea of what would constitute the ideal muni bar. On the other hand, there are the psychosexual and, perhaps legal, connotations of riding around the trails with this thing in my hand, pointing it all over the place. I think I need to go do some jello shots with my therapist/attorney over lunch and get back to you.

I’d vote for the jello shots after each mile.
Tonight, I’ll try to find a couple pictures of the last batch of BC V3s that I did to show you the latest version. Also, this particular BC, I made with a little longer length and sharper angle to the right and up, but most of the standard ones are shorter, about 20% less bend to the right and a “slightly less excited to meet you” upward angle.


So Bryce, does this bar attach to the seat base at the grab handle attachment point as well as attach to a plate between the seat and seatpost?

Any way of bending the grab area into a “question mark” so it’s more like a loop? Or, could you finish the handle with a “T” so a bar end could be added?

I’m just not so sure I want a set angle, kinda like being able to vary my grab, though I gotta admit, I am ready for something better than the stock nylong grab handle.

I like the idea of having something stiffening the seat from the post forward.

Happy new year Ben.
Yes, the nylong grab handle always felt so inadequate, leaving me wanting more of a handfull down there. The BC handle bar attaches to the saddle with a stainless steel bolt through the thickest part of the lift handle, making a second connection to the KH (internal pre-09) (external 2009-on) stiffener plate unnecessary. I’ll post a picture of this area.
Yes, question mark and t-bar configurations are possible and I’ve always made these up for individuals based on what they describe their ideal hand hold to be. If you are interested, put a drawing together and we can discuss it.

Wow. I might want one if it could play the theme to “Shaft” while I ride. Can it be fitted with speakers and a subwoofer?

If its theme music you want, you can’t have that one cause it alredy plays in my head when I ride the “Gallo Negro”.

hehehe, he said woofer :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, Bryce, let me work upa picture. Ideally it’d be something with two points of attachment, just not sure if I want the added weight of the old KH bike seat adaptor.

Have you considered mounting the handle using the 2010 KH stiffener plate as the foundation? Josh at UDC suggested having a piece of steerer tube from a MTB fork welded vertically to the plate, then build a bar end that gives the desired angles.

I’ve gone black…

I’ll never go back…
I have one on both my 24" and 26" conundrum muni’s. I love these handles, they allow me to pull up with much more force do I can literally roll over huge logs, in addition. Climbing is much easier as I can pull back, similar to bar ends on those 2-wheeled things…

Dr. Tim! We should go for a ride soon. My injuries are finally healing and I’m gettin’ itchey for a MUNI ride. You around/available next week?
Happy new year.

The weekends are really best for me. I could find a couple of hours on Tuesday or Friday afternoon next week though; let me know, glad to here your injuries are better :slight_smile:

Gday Brycer, you still selling these mean looking things?

Please see PM, cheers from Tom

I might also be interested in purchasing one of these for my new 26" Oracle. A lefty version like the one you made for Tirving. BTW, I don’t know if bb23 still roams these forums but his humor in this post wins the award for funniest post of all time! I woke my wife lying in the bed next to me because I was laughing so darn hard. Literally brought tears to my eyes.

I’d be happy to set you up with one David. I’ll PM you with the details.

Interesting and true phallic handle story: I made one of these for a local female rider and gave it to her at a birthday party that she was having in a hotel. Lots of Unicycle Bastards there and lots of non-riders as well.
Because I didn’t have her unicycle saddle yet, I gave her just the shaft, ball and grip all assembled and looking ready to go. When she unwrapped it, pulled it out and held it up for the group to see, several of her friends gasped when they saw it - assuming that some bastard gave her a sex toy for her birthday. . . . Really funny and when she and I explained its true function to her non-rider friends, and I really do think that they thought we were lying.
AAAh, good times