Custom Nimbus's

Thank you! When I’m done upgrading it, it’s gonna look so much better. I’m going to powdercoat the rim bright red, powdercoat my KH Moments black (I know they’ll get scratched. I don’t care), get a black Try-All tire, and get white Try-All pedals. It’s gonna look sooo sick. (that’s the first time I’ve ever used “sick” to describe something) :p. So basically it will be about 80% black, 15% red, and 5% white.

Yeah Emile pretty much explained it. :wink: It’s ok, though. Most people don’t read the video descriptions.

I really like the idea of making your own valve caps! I am going to search for interesting things to turn into caps now!

Yeah it is really fun to make because they’re quick, easy, and make the uni look fun! Lego helmets fit almost perfectly onto valvecaps. A little bit of glue and you’ve got a new…thing! I’ve made quite a few of them, all star wars related.

Nimbus 26" Muni

I built up yet another Nimbus 26", though this one is kinda special; she’s got a KH titanium hub laced to a 47mm TRYALL rim :slight_smile:

So here’s the parts list:

Nimbus 26" Muni, Black
KH Titanium hub, Silver :smiley:
Koxx TRYALL 26" x 47mm drilled rim, Gold
14 ga spokes, Black
Alloy nipples, Red
Koxx TRYALL STIKY 26" x 2.5" tyre
26" DH tube
Koxx K1 160mm ISIS cranks, Black/Silver
Twisted PC nylon pedals, Charcoal
KH Adjustable seat post, Black/Silver
Animal single bolt clamp, Red
KH Freeride seat (08’), Orange/Black

So far the K1 ISIS cranks are working great, no wiggle, they went on very tight and clean. I’m still waiting on a KH 2009 seat, I’ll probably go with the same color or maybe red, though a carbon seat would be nice as well.

The TRYALL tire is very sticky, lighter than a Gazz Jr, still plenty of volume for my 200#, a nice complement to a muni that will see xc and tech riding. The tire was a bear to mount; I broke three tire levers in the process!!

I decided to build this wheel myself, it had been more than ten years since I’d laced a wheel, but it’s like riding a bike, it comes back to you quickly. I’d suggest that everyone lace up a wheel, it’s really quite easy, and you can’t mess up too bad if you follow the directions. I like Sheldon Browns instructions, though the Uni magazine volume five had a good description as well.

Overall, It’s a very nice ride, really light considering the trials tire and the steel frame. I sold my KH 29er to fund this muni, so far I feel it was a great choice as this muni is ligher, better for tech riding, and I have lots of great tire choices!!

It’ll be even lighter with a KH frame, once the dimensions are sized for bigger tires :roll_eyes:

The koxx is 2.5 right? That is what the kh is supposed to take, you could probably shim it up if it didn’t work.

but i just ordered a kh seat and odysseys.
also i think i’ll buy a used koxx frame.

Yeah, the TRYALL 26 x 2.5 would probably fit the current KH 26 frame, but there is a good chance that I’ll run a 3" tyre at some point, so I at least want the option.

I’m not in a hurry, the Nimbus frame is not bad, certainly not expensive, and works just as well as the KH, though losing another 1/2# would be nice. The KH 26 with the revised crown should be available in the next batch to UDC, so sometime in the Fall/Winter.

Tight 26er! I think I may start riding something similar to that.

well not much since last time but i got another nimbus i tarded my 09 24 isis muni with hookworm he kept all the stuff of the 26 so i bought a hookworm tyre and its now the same as my 24 but faster and heavier and i got a nimbus freestyle specs are

20 inch nimbus sqaure taper freestle (nicknamed bowel birds envy) animal hamilton plastics federal seat clamp primo the wall freestyle tyre
4.stock 48 spoke blue rim
5.114mm qu-ax cranks bullet cap

nimbus isis 09 26
1.137mm kh moment cranks
2.primo super tenderisers
3.nimbus hightop seat blue
4.26 2.5 hookworm tyre bullet cap

My nimbus

Seat: nimbus gel
Cranks: Qu-ax 125mm
Pedals: uhhh…
Tire: MAXXIS Creepy Crawler
hmm… cant find a pic with the orange seatpost clamp and saddle

unfortunately Im selling it to a friend ahhh… good times:)

I wouldn’t find that unfortunate, unless you are quiting unicycling.

woot it pink.

nimbus hub
KH 125 cranks
Kh rollos
nimbus rim
pink nimbus rounded crow frame
Nimbus Orange double bolt seat clamp
nimbus alloy seat post
09 KH street saddle with reinforment plate


Unicycler100’s uni…

Looks like it was sprayed with the wheel still in the frame :thinking:

The round crown frame is cool except for the fact that you cannot stick your feet on it.

Weld some “noodles” on them


Like 05 or 06 KH24 frames, they had little noodles on the crown.

They have to be al dente though, otherwise your feet will slip off.

I knew someone would make a comment like that :roll_eyes: