Custom Nimbus's

Post your custom Nimbus’s here.:):smiley:
I am getting my new Nimbus/KH custom in a few days so I’ll post when I got it all built up. So go ahead.

oh, I searched for sustom nimbuses but nothing came up. and since there are threads for kh’s and bedfords and koxx-ones then i thought nimbus needed its round of thread…

why make another thread when there is already one going that suits your needs?

EDIT: You have even posted in the “custom unicycles” thread

o well y dont we have anouther :smiley:

with only nimbuses

or it’d be better if Gilby could make a subforum amongst RSU, Unicycle Product Reviews, etc… called: “Your Unicycle Media”

In that forum would be for Riding Pictures and Unicycle Pictures… two small little forums for just those. It’ll definitely encourage people to take more riding pics and some interesting unis to emerge where proper discussion can take place instead of it all being crammed in one thread.

that sounds like a great idea, but i think that he should make one of the “younger” riders who have been a member of the forum for a while a mod, like you, or jerrick, or probailer2

i think this forum is a great idea. i’ll post my nimbus later.

Thank you somebody thinks so!

i would post pics of my nimbus but it is just the stock nimbus isis trials unicycle. so nothing special. this topic is a good idea though, brian o’s nimbus is amazing

heres my non custom nimbus :slight_smile: nobody was posting so i thought its still a
nimbus …



a few Nimbus for German! girlies.





First one is prety sweet.

Peter M

I’ve got my Nimbus ISIS set up for trials riding currently. Round crown frames are so underrated, how many foot on crown tricks do you guys really do? I can still glide fine with it and I bet I could pull off a standup ww with some grip tape on it. Say goodbye to inner thigh and knee bashing! I’m throwing on a luna tire soon, I’m getting sick of the CC’s sidewalls.

nice. Thats kkinda what mines going to look like. I know but I really like the look of the ll frame.

One More DAY!!!

Kris Holm ISIS Moment Crank & Hub Set 2007
Kris Holm 19-inch Trials Rim 2007
Nimbus Alloy Seatpost (black finish)
Maxxis Creepy Crawler 19 x 2.5 Trials Tire
Kris Holm 13 Gauge Black Spokes for KH Rims & Moment Hub
Kris Holm 19-inch Rimstrip
Kris Holm Fusion Street Gel Yellow
Nimbus II 20-inch Powdercoated Frames Yellow
Snafu Platform Pin Pedals
Pedal Protector Yellow

What are the pros/cons of rounded/nonrounded crowns? I will post my uni soon. Almost stock.


  • Stronger and more robust design
  • No corners to hit your knees or inner thighs on during SIF
  • The design supports the philosophy of simplicity inherent in unicycling.[/LIST]Cons:[LIST=1]
  • Foot on crown tricks may be more difficult
  • Some may argue aesthetics though I think they are cool in a rebellious way - reject the norms, woo![/LIST][U]Flat Crown/Nimbus II style[/U] Pros:[LIST=1]
  • Solid surface to place foot during foot on crown tricks
  • Aesthetics - though this is is totally personal opinion the majority might agree[/LIST]Cons:[LIST=1]
  • Inherently weaker design (who really even breaks these besides Cody anyway though?)
  • Strong potential for personal injury during SIF riding or unispin type tricks when pedals are missed.[/LIST]Please fill in anything I've missed or debate any points I've made.