Custom Nimbus's

interesting. Thanks so much for the time you took to write that up.

good luck lacing it!!! are you doing it youself?, if so, all the luck to you man.

do you ride in gyms…or it it just for looks

sounds like an uber sweet uni you have on the way!!

another problem with the nimbus 2 style (and only the nimbus 2 style) is that with flip tricks its really easy to rip the bottoms of your pant legs. happened to me many many times.

Not very custom, but here’s mine. Nimbus trials isis, KH moments 125mm and twisted pcs.

nice! Is that black or chrome? Looks chrome around them neck…but black around the side…

Nice though!

No I am having my b*ke guy do it for me. I dont even know how to lace rims and I dont want to spend the time that way when I could be uni-ing.

Its just to match the yellow everything else.


:wink: :smiley:

My legs rubbing against the frame pretty much rubbed the decals off, I wanted to paint it, but knew that would rub off too eventually, so out came the tape. I kinda like the two tone look too, I’ll have to think of a more stylish way to do it when the tape wears off.

nice. yea you could get that specific part powder coated…

2 Hours!!!

2 Hours!!!

Please, we don’t need posts like this. Why not just post it when you have it? None of us are sitting here on the edge of our seats waiting for you to get it. I really wish you would work on suppressing your random outbursts of off-topic and useless posts.

but true


Also, why did you post the same thing twice 17 minutes apart?

i think i bumped another thread above his, which i may do again in say 17 minutes

yer n its been over 2 hours pics? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea I know but I am so exited, so the rim hub and spokes are out eing built but the rest is there.

Wow, I remember the moment when I first got my KH20 out of the box. It was such a great feeling… until I took it out, and before I knew it it was covered in gunk and the paint was chipped!

Advice: don’t lean your uni against brick walls, just put it on the floor (and clean ur uni, it’ll make you more proud for longer lol).

sweet thanks. and yea the same thing happened to me cuase I oppened it in the car and ick goo everywhere!
edit: i thoght yopu ment the moment crnks, whick are covered in grease.

how important are the spacers in the hub?

That doesnt sound good, what happened? I’d say they are pretty important.