Custom Brakes... Post What You Have!

I just finished the project of putting a cantilever/center-pull brake system on my Nimbus 29 MUni.
My family friend was very generous in helping me put all this together and supplying me with parts.
The specs starting from the top down:
-The mount plate. Used a mtb bar end. Cut of the clamp and some of the bend. The plate was scavenged from an electrical box cover.:smiley: Our friend welded the two together. Painted it with flat black. $0

  • The brake lever and assembly is a Shimano SLR. Given to by our friend. About $10 maybe less.
    -Cable is just cable. $0
    -The brake cable hanger that mounts on the seat post. Got from a bike store. $8 (Most expensive part)
    -The cable spliter is Tektro. We had it laying around. $0
    -Brake arms are coda. Don’t know which model. Given to me by our friend.
    -The bolts that go into magura mounts were from Ace Hardware (hardware store) 6mm. Be careful not to cross thread! I almost did. $4.30 or so for both.
    -Aluminum sleeves to go in the brake arms to prevent the bolts from wiggling.(We had to cut them down to size) $2
    -Washers to put in-between the brake arms. $.30
    Here are pictures.

If you think these are cool and might want one shoot me a pm. If I get enough orders I might do a shipment. Maybe. We’ll see how it goes picking up supplies.

very cool. how well they work!

that looks like a nice rig how did you manage all the wire setup.

What do you mean? Like how the wires connect to the brake arms?

I haven’t gone on a trail with them yet… Soon hopefully. Although I have tried going down this very steep dirt hill in my neighborhood. THey worked like a champ. At full braking power I cant move the wheel when putting all I have against it.

Looks good, but I’d worry about damaging the arms uni UPD’s, unless you always catch the uni (I usually don’t).

Or if the rider is short, hitting the arms w/ their legs (you look tall enough to not be much of an issue).

Ill post up my custom maggies when i get some time

The arms don’t stick out all that much, maybe a 1/4 inch if that. I’m not positive but I think maggies stick out the same but they are flat and round. I am a little worried about a freak UPD like the frame hitting a rock, but usually I catch my uni when i fall.

Be sure those wire end are secured.

Looks like a cool setup.