Custom Bedford Unicycles

This is a thread where you can post any uni that you purchased from Darren.

Any type of unicycle.

So here are mine…


my uni 2.jpg

Seriously bro, how many times have you posted your uni’s on this website?

haha…who knows? :slight_smile: Seriously whats the problem with it?

There are a million pictures of your unicycle on here, that is the problem. Don’t you have anything better to do than post pic’s of your uni when bored?

Okay…first I got it and then was excited so put pictures up with specs…then posted in Post your unis here…and isnt that what it for? And then made the custom Kris Holm unicycle thread because there were other ones on other unis…so there and and now this…because there has not been a custom Bedford unicycles…So really…What if there is someone new and wants to see pics…and not everyone looks at every thread that I post in…So…other people post pics of their unis in post your unis here and in Custom what ever type of uni you have…People make threads when they just got a new uni…so dont put blame on only me.

ive got your back bro. if you get tired of looking at his uni then dont read threads with custom unis. he has a really good unicycle and he likes to show it off. i would too. that borgulshultz guy has shown his uni just as much if not more than isaac so if your going to bitch to isaac then bitch to him too.
sorry if im getting carried away…:slight_smile:

since the thread is already started…
does anyone have any? :thinking: like the acctual Bedford frames and whatnot, not just like Bedford powdercoated stuff.

That’s not a Bedford, that’s a KH with Bedfords logo slapped on it. Which I completely disagree with.

Ford doesn’t sell Ferrari’s with their logo on it now do they?

they do sell Fords with Mazda logos slapped on them. puts their stickers on KH unis too.


Okay sorry…I guess you didnt read the first post from me “any thing purchased from Darren” So yeah…and it may be a KH but he powdercoated it and I purchased it from him so…

Oh my bad, I was in the go with the flow and don’t read posts mood at the time.

Profile hub/cranks, Bedford frame, KH 07 rim, CF base, Hand made post.

Ill get pictures later.

lol, i almost typed that yesterday when i looked in here

Oh cool, finally, enough bashing of Isaac, and here we at last have a custom Bedford! Nice uni. However, will Bedford be updating their frames for the years to come? I know that they are just powdercoated old Nimbuses, but seeing as Nimbus have recently upgraded their frames with new machined holders and 25.4mm post as standard, will Bedford follow in similar fashion?

Nice uni, I plan to powder coat my rim yellow to go with the/black fusion saddle on my bedford of coarse. by the way, do you ride street or flatland, the blad tire raises some ?'s.

You suck, nimbus sucks, the only good nimbus is the nimbus X street for flatland.

Nice hub/cranks, i’ve got the same ones.

so do about half the people on this fourm