Custom 19" Triton

would you be willing to part out?
and do you still live in czech? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am interested in the left/right stickers on the cranks.
Would you be prepared to split these and ship to the UK?
If so, how much?

Don’t really know. But it’s quite light. I remember that it was slightly lighter than Amanda’s KH and she had holes drilled in different places. And that was weighed with a steel seatpost. Now seatpost is alu.

The frame and the saddle are four years old. The tyre and the wheelset are obviously newer, about a year and a half and the uni’s barely been used in that time. The pedals are from fluck:)

I’ll only part out if I simultaneously find sellers for everything, which is very unlikely. I don’t ride anymore, so don’t need any spare parts lying around.
Yes, I do live in Czech.

Sean, the stickers are pretty much half the uni. You can have them for 200 euros and the shipping is on me, since we’re buddies, mmkay?

I want to buy!

I’ll pay you 400 euros if you pay the shipping. Then you have yourself a deal! :smiley:

…do you know the weight of the frame??

What!!! I want it. I’ll talk to my father as soon as he gets back here… I want it only for the frame and tire. I know you probably dont want to part it out… Unless you do want to part it out :wink:

No deal.

The weight should be roughly the same as KH, I remember there were a few threads about it a few years back, if you search.

PM’ed :sunglasses: I’m pretty sure I want it… well, I do want it:D

I want it!

Im pretty sure i was first :stuck_out_tongue: and i will pay full price and shipping :slight_smile:

I will pay full price and shipping too :wink: Please… dont buy it!!! :frowning:

give me one good reason not to buy?!? i want it as bad as you :stuck_out_tongue:

Because Ti is bad for you :wink: and you dont want plastic pedals…:stuck_out_tongue:

Jaco was first to accept the offer so the uni is his to buy now.

trials4ever, you can still buy my other unicycle, Nimbus. It’s just as good:)

Okay you can have it :slight_smile: but its not because TI is bad for me… I found out the frame is not that much better the any other “up to date” frames. Its just rare with an old Triton frame :stuck_out_tongue: i would say its a little over price :frowning:

You’re totally right. I think Nimbus will be the perfect choice for you.


Hey, if Nimbus was good enough for Harry Potter then it should be good enough for you!

haha funny!
Because i can fly without a besom or a broom (or whatever its called :P)

what if i pay 520 euros and the shipping will be to hungary so it wont be that much :slight_smile:

I think I already got the deal. I’m just waiting for shipping cost and it’s gone!:smiley:

Tempting as it is, I’ve already promised the uni to jaco.