Nimbus 19' trials

Nimbus 19’ trials for sale, around three years old but not ridden much. Was my ex-girlfriend’s who would jump up and down kerbs on it, so it’s still strong and the wheel is true. Lay in the closet for the last year. Has a few scratches around the cranks and the saddle but otherwise looks quite new.

150 euros + shipping.

Is it isis?

I dont know if nimbus was splined 3 years ago…

Yes, it’s ISIS.


how bout 200 usd???

Sounds good.

Pm me your location and I’ll get you a shipping quote.

sorry im new on here and not sur what “pm” means…personal message?..but i donno how to do that…and i looked at the estimate shipping cost and it is a lot more then i expected/can afford so i am sorry…my estimate said about 800 dollars

Click on my name, there’ll be a line that says send a private message to ivan. click on that, then send the message.

800 dollars sounds a little bit strange(unless you live in a remote village in Chili). Where did you get it from? If you send me your location I can get a better estimate from the post office.

And it’ll be that solid gold box your using.

Probably cheaper to use cardboard.

It’s $40 shipping to the old US of A, for anyone interested. Uni still available.

140 euros + shipping.

130 euros.

I can also throw in used KH protection and a unicycle stand.