Custom 19" Triton

Original cool Triton frame, not the silly new design. KH08 wheelset, carbon fiber seat base, KH Fusion foam and cover. Monty Eagle Claw tyre. Kpro Stimulatorz pedals. Koxx seatpost and seatclamp.

The uni is four years old, so it has a few scratches on it. One spoke is missing, but I can easily replace it before shipping, the wheel is true. The pedals are old too. The tyre and the wheelset is quite new(except for the spoke). The saddle is very strong.

It’s a great uni, the new owner will have a blast on it!

400 euros + shipping.

gaahhh! omg deal of thecentury! must resist


what is the weight?


How can it be four years old if its a KH08 wheelset??

would you be willing to part out?
and do you still live in czech? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am interested in the left/right stickers on the cranks.
Would you be prepared to split these and ship to the UK?
If so, how much?

Don’t really know. But it’s quite light. I remember that it was slightly lighter than Amanda’s KH and she had holes drilled in different places. And that was weighed with a steel seatpost. Now seatpost is alu.

The frame and the saddle are four years old. The tyre and the wheelset are obviously newer, about a year and a half and the uni’s barely been used in that time. The pedals are from fluck:)

I’ll only part out if I simultaneously find sellers for everything, which is very unlikely. I don’t ride anymore, so don’t need any spare parts lying around.
Yes, I do live in Czech.

Sean, the stickers are pretty much half the uni. You can have them for 200 euros and the shipping is on me, since we’re buddies, mmkay?

I want to buy!

I’ll pay you 400 euros if you pay the shipping. Then you have yourself a deal! :smiley:

…do you know the weight of the frame??

What!!! I want it. I’ll talk to my father as soon as he gets back here… I want it only for the frame and tire. I know you probably dont want to part it out… Unless you do want to part it out :wink:

No deal.

The weight should be roughly the same as KH, I remember there were a few threads about it a few years back, if you search.

PM’ed :sunglasses: I’m pretty sure I want it… well, I do want it:D

I want it!

Im pretty sure i was first :stuck_out_tongue: and i will pay full price and shipping :slight_smile:

I will pay full price and shipping too :wink: Please… dont buy it!!! :frowning:

give me one good reason not to buy?!? i want it as bad as you :stuck_out_tongue:

Because Ti is bad for you :wink: and you dont want plastic pedals…:stuck_out_tongue:

Jaco was first to accept the offer so the uni is his to buy now.

trials4ever, you can still buy my other unicycle, Nimbus. It’s just as good:)

Okay you can have it :slight_smile: but its not because TI is bad for me… I found out the frame is not that much better the any other “up to date” frames. Its just rare with an old Triton frame :stuck_out_tongue: i would say its a little over price :frowning:

You’re totally right. I think Nimbus will be the perfect choice for you.


Hey, if Nimbus was good enough for Harry Potter then it should be good enough for you!