Curious, is unicycling more popular in other

countries or regions ? Now that I have started this path, I realized that I have never seen anyone else riding one… anywhere. Are there many event or race boards to check out ?

It’s as uncommon as any sport I have done, including telemark skiing and whitewater kayaking.

It seems like there are some cities where unicycling is more common, maybe the same is true for some countries. There are a fair number of unicyclists in the USA, but they are as spread out over a large country.

The last time I rode with another unicyclist was September 2012, I went to Moab and Albuquerque, 2000 miles away :astonished: I imagine my next ride with another unicyclist will be April 2013 at the Douthat Munifest.

You should come to Douthat!

I live outside Knoxville, TN, just a short five hours North of you, we should meet halfway in Chattanooga to ride :slight_smile:

There are many unicyclists in the UK, but I have only twice met a unicyclist unexpectedly when I have been out riding or walking.

I have ridden in groups of about 5 to 15 on organised rides, and I have been to a couple of events where there were many more unicyclists present. I have seen the occasional street performer on one.

However, people riding unicycles “out and about” are rare.

There are enough unicyclists out there for to keep going. I once heard Roger say that in the run up to Christmas one year he was selling about 50 a day, but I guess most of those may have been basic 20s intended as novelty Christmas presents. Unicycles are like nuns: most of them don’t get ridden.

I know of 4 other guys in this little country that can ride (2 of them I taught 20 years ago) and one that is learning right now. With a population of less than 30,000 in the British Virgin Islands soon we will have a national ratio of 1 in 5000 able to ride a unicycle, most likely one of the highest ratios in the world! That all said, the two guys I taught have not ridden in years, one guy hasn’t ridden more than twice since he moved to the BVI and the other is only riding it at home.

Most people here have never seen a unicycle (or unib!ke as they think its called) so I get some really funny looks now that I have started riding in public.

I do plan on getting some more people here into the sport and would like for us to have a small team attend UNICON next year.

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The next unicyclist i know is my girlfriend.

Two years ago i saw some unicyclers haning around in St. Pölten, one time i saw one at a small lake in the northern part of the city. In vienna i met once and talked with another unicycler with a 26" Quax. And once i think i saw ivo at the Christkindlmarkt at Spittelberg Vienna.
And every time the “local” riders i know from this forum habe met for a ride lately i was at work.



Small world, I was just in Powel 2 weeks ago on businness. I hear there are some good mtn biking trails in your area and wanted to bring my bike but there was not enough time. I saw the imfo on Douthat and will come if possible, but already have a trip planned for Utah mtn biking in May. My wife has not caught uni fever yet, nor mtn biking fever either for that matter(been mtn biking since 92), but I am working on her, it just takes time.

And both of those are downright mainstream compared to us! I’ve seen events for both on TV. Unicycling? Not so much.

I think that needs to be on a T-shirt. I’ll let someone else work out the illustration to go with it. :slight_smile:

I think in the United States we are possibly as high as 1 in 100. Most would be ‘dormant’ riders, no longer doing it, but lots of people learn to ride at some point. Japan may have the highest ratio, as unicycles are a common piece of playground (or gym) equipment in the majority of elementary schools there.

I almost never have random encounters with unicyclists. And that’s with 32 years of background; seeing one less than once a year. However, I can get together with a group of riders 1-3 hours away by car almost any weekend, or organize a group ride in my area and (if I’m lucky) pull in six riders or more. Or 60 for a MUni Weekend. :slight_smile:

once i was biking on a long bikepath with family and encountered a unicyclist going the opposite direction
the other time i was unicycling and a boy stopped me and ask me tips because he was learning

i know there are 3 other boys in my city and mailed them for a uni ride but they were not interested …
sometimes we organize group rides
i know there are 2 unicyle gym club in italy and an other will be opening in the next months

You’ve presumably been riding a lot longer than me? In the year and a half I’ve been riding I’ve also twice met another unicyclist - once at our local country park (where I first rode my uni off-road) and on holiday in Butlins last year one of the members of staff had a uni.

Though it seems that those who like unusual sports often do several of them - I’ve also done telemarking and whitewater kayaking (then again I’ve just done a lot of different sports). Actually if you consider unicycling a niche of cycling I’m not even sure it’s the most uncommon niche sport I do - surfski racing anybody?

Yes- I race a Huki S1-a surfski and K1’s in the summer. Hence ‘pedal paddle pedal’.

Muni is my winter pursuit when the water is too cold or hard.

JimmyTheChimp is the closest active rider at 40 miles away. There is a father and son who ride closer but we haven’t connected for a ride together yet.


The only other three unicyclists that I’ve met are in my family.

That would make over 3 million persons in the USA able to ride (unless my maths is wrong at this early stage of the week) - that is great if that’s correct. Looks like I have some serious recruiting to do here to catch up on a per population ratio.

I think we have a great sport and would love to see a lot more people doing it and understanding the fun that can be had on one wheel.

I’ve randomly seen three other unicyclists since I learned.


And both are in the Olympics.

In germany every city has atleast a unicycle club with girls aged between 10-16. Many cities also have freestyle unicycle clubs. For the extreme disziplines (Trial, Street, Flat and MUni) its different, but there are also a few riders in nearly everypart off germany.

i ride with 2 people that are non family. when i was mountain biking there are 100s of people with in walking distence

I often forget how lucky I am to live in an area where there are riders in every direction. It’s rare to run into one randomly but the possibility is always there. I often encounter people here that at least know how to ride, even though it may have been years ago since last trying. The last Unicon held in North America was here in Snoqualmie, WA.

Within a three hour drive of Seattle there are riders in Portland, Tacoma, Bellingham, Vancouver and many places in between. Heading east we have riders in Spokane as well. You could organize a ride almost any weekend if you wanted to. Can’t you just feel the love! :smiley:

It’s strange how the perspective on distance is different over there. I must have plenty of other riders within a 3 hour drive of here as that covers almost the whole of England and Wales!

A few weeks ago a 9 yr. old boy moved in a few houses away from me. He is a beginner unicyclist. I was completely floored. His dad and I are already planning on getting him out on the trails. The kid is a very fast learner.

Yesterday I went for a night ride around the neighborhood. The boy, who was outside playing, got his unicycle and started riding. Then a Chinese boy and his older sister, who were visiting SoCal and staying with some neighbors, stopped and watched. The Chinese boy asked if I could lower the seat and he could ride. My seat-post was too long, but I remembered I had a short seat-post attached to a seat, which could be used for shorter people. We installed it, and the kid rode for me. I pulled out my mUni, and the Chinese sister took pictures of my handle-bar setup.

I would be thrilled if some more neighbor kids took up unicycling. Seeing a middle aged man ride unicycle is probably not the thing to inspire them to ride, however. But, when a ‘kid’ rides, the other kids pay attention. Pretty soon we are going to have a club!!

When I first started riding ‘seriously’, IE. when I got my 29er (my first proper non-eBay uni) I met a guy up the nature trail who was jogging/running, and he told me how he too has a Qu-Ax, but his is a 24" not 29". Since then I’ve run into him a few times (as well as running into one or two people who know him and tell me about him :p) and recently he was telling me how he got a Huni-Rex ‘for cheap’ (I know UDC UK were selling them off cheap but that was a while ago). I’m unfortunately yet to see him actually out and riding though. Wherever you are, jogging dude, gimme a shout! :smiley:

I’ve ran into a few people who have stopped me and asked for tips as they’ve recently got one and ‘can’t even get on it without falling on me arse!’ but again, haven’t seen anyone in the wild riding yet.

I have however met up with lots of people through Facebook. First time I rode with anyone else was at Bolton SkyRide last year, and I’ve ridden a fair few other times with the same group since, and it’s really eye-opening to see how many of them there are (Each time I ride with them, I meet a whole other group of people!). I never really imagined there’d be that many of us! :smiley: