CUMON quebec - ROCKED!!!

I’m sure Vincent will come on line soon, but i had to start it off.

solid, solid gear: re-inforced car; metal spool (no woble); huge rubber tire the fire hydrant that i love, etc… even the bike trials dudes came over and rocked the gear. the only thing that broke was Owens square taper axle. it came clean off after a 5ft. drop.

joel keeps ripping it up more and more every comp i see him at. look out for this guy!

the beginer catagory was won by cindy. it is awsome to see female participants let alone female podium finishers. her and her sister were also on the mountain ride.

80cm was the winning height for the high jump.

there was a beginer all the way from niagra falls. unfortunatly i forgot his name, anyone know it? i must say, there was an awsome beginer turn out.

vincent of course ripped it up for the ultimate victory. there’s hilariouse footage of his twenty attempts to ride a steep angled log up onto the car. will you guy’s get some highlite footage up?

for a first comp ever in quebec city there were 20 riders and a sunny day. it was well organized and everyone was well recieved.

the next was a friendly mountain ride on the imfamouse mt ste-anne. free passes to get up!!! an easier route was chosen because a number of riders were going on their first mountain ride. then a few of us played around on the northshore stuff.

even if it is a bike event (velirium), it is an awsome venue within which to have a comp. you’ve got the bike pro’s from all over the world in town and the energy is fantastic. i’m already looking forward to next year.

a huge thanks to vertisim - simmon, geraldine and vincent in particular, for putting all sorts of energy into this event.


Man, I wanted to go sooo much. Everyone who went put up lots of pictures please.


Haha! yeah! it was awesome! I also broke a uni tube that day but wasnt as flashy as the decapitated axle.

If I had to describe the muni in one word it would be: Muddy and wet. well, two words actually… Not that that was a bad thing. Oh far from it! The ride rocked!

I do hope they get the footage up soon, I’ve got some funny stuff on there…well, they mostly filmed me falling but atleast they’re funny falls… Too bad they didn’t film me pedal-grabbing the tall spool. I felt proud about that one…

Hi all!

Big thanks to everyone who participated at the events and helped the organisation. Specialy Darren Bedford, the people from Montreal (John and Kristy, Owen, Cindy,Cintya, Nick, Benjamin), Dominique from Repentigny, Joel from near Toronto, Ben (the cool kid from near Niagara Falls) and of course the quebec crew.
Here’s my view of the meeting:

Everything really started the 24th, with the Délirium Urban Extrem(a preview of the Vélirium WorldCup, held at Place d’Youville, center of quebec city). It was awesome! Simon Thémens had just busted his car, so we set it up in the middle of the course and did trials on it. There was two bike trials team, the Schwinn pro team and us. We did two unicycle demos (flatland, trials, BCwheel, etc) on our course and others. A street bike competition was also organized, with worldcup riders. The car ended up completly destroyed, with Kyle Strait multiple attempted to land a backflip on the top of the car!

Saturday, the Trials and jumps events went really well. New talents were discovered, as young Thomas in trials, Guillaume with a high jump of 79cm! (after only eight months of riding), Dominique in Muni, and kids showing incredible riding. It was great to have almost everyone in our condo for saturday night, good times.

The weather on sunday was so-so, but the muni riders were determined to go down the mountain. Even the torrential rain didn’t slowed us. The subsequent mud accumulation lead up to funny crashes, but nobody got seriously hurt. Nobody except Dominique who broke his finger on the Trials course (it was at 45degree, I must get a hand on the picture) before the muni ride, and came for the downhill anyway! Ahhh, hardcore riders…

For those who missed that, be sure to plan the weekend for next year!
Pictures and vids are coming as soon as possible.

See ya,

Some pics are up since a couple of days on
Enjoy, until the vids!

Hey Vincent, would it be possible to send me the segment where me and Joel are ridding the “north-shore” trail? Cause I’m making a movie and I think that it would look pretty spiffy in there…(well I assume it would look pretty cool, I haven’t actually seen it…)


The gallery isn’t working.


The gallery was working a little too good for me. Great pictures!

But the site that’s hosting the pictures opened three pop-up windows on my machine. One of them was not easily killed, and kept making more pop-ups before I could get it to die. I hope you aren’t paying too much for that hosting!

Congratulations on what looked like a really fun event. When would you guys like to host a Unicon there? The last one we had there (1992) was one of my all-time favorites!

  • Owen -
    I think the segment you’re talking about was shot by the guys of canal Vox on TV. 'cause we had two cameramen, Benoit (one of our friend, who work with us) and two guys from Vox who took footage of the Trials, the Muni, and maybe the segment of you and Joel on the North Shore. They will have a show starting this september about extrem sports (sorry I don’t know the name), so they took footage and interviewed me and Simon Thémens. Conclusion, I can have any of the footage Benoit took, but it’s almost impossible to have Vox’s. Tell me if it was Benoit, but I guess you’ll have to wait until you see yourself on TV!

  • Johnfoss -
    Sorry for the pop-ups, that annoyed me too…You understood that it’s a free hosting, and a friend of mine did the site. So it’s not professionnal, but worked OK for this year.
    Sure next time we would be ready for another Unicon! Too bad I can’t go to Japan… Unicon is THE meeting for unicyclists from all over the world.

Me and Joel met up with Benoit during our last run on the North-shore trail and decided to film it before it started raining… So yeah, Benoit should have the footage…


(By the way, this could easily become THE ULTIMATE canadian competition with a little more participation next year. So, to all you Ontarian unicyclists: Be there (next year) or be square!)