Crown sensitivity Coker tire or Radial TA


Which of the two available 36" tires is more road crown sensitive, the Coker or the Radial TA tire?


I haven’t noticed any effect from the crown when I am riding my Coker, with a coker tire.

I have put hundreds of hundreds of miles onto it, and haven’t ever felt any pull to one side or another, so from what I have felt while riding, the Coker tire is great.

I have never been on a TA.

In my experience the Coker tire fights you on crowned roads (or cambered corners) more than the TA tire. Noticeably so.

But at the same time I haven’t worn down a TA tire yet so I don’t know yet how a TA tire will behave once it is nearing the end of its useful life. The Coker tire is affected by the crown more as it wears, the tread gets thinner and the tire walls get softer.

I don’t feel any significant pull on road crown when riding my TA tyre. Before that I rode a 29er with a Big Apple and felt significant sideways pull, although I eventually learnt to compensate without noticing.

Still, doesn’t even feel like I’m doing much compensating at all on the TA.

Crown-pull eventually did me in on the Lake Tahoe ride last year. That was on a worn-out Coker tire. Time to get a new TA, methinks!