crotch protection.......

i was just wondering if anyone actually wears a box or cup…

your more likely to hurt yourself when wearing a cup by tearing your parts off :stuck_out_tongue:
seriously tho, nobody hardly ever hurts their nackers and when they do its hardly serious.
your best off wearing proper shorts and supportive underwears that keep your bits out of harms way (ie keep them from going under you)

The only crotch protection you will ever need is a good comfy seat, something tight to position your manhood in a comfortable fashion, and strong legs (particularly for large drops).

you can try compression shorts used in running, I’ve found it helps pretty good.

yeh, use strong legs or go sif for big drops and remember to roll out to cushion your fall

crotch protection is for sissys!

heh heh… yay, lets all rack ourselves to sterility… but you’re right, who the hell would wear a box while riding

box! ha! a box! who ever heard of such a thing?! a cup, perhaps. but a box?!? thats hilarious!

i have tried a 50 dollar pair of bike shorts, which helped somewhat, but were tight on my legs, and felt wierd to wear under my pants. i should really sell them…

Fair dinkum? Meh, musn’t be a popular term in the US… common over here in Australia though;)

why worry about them when they can be used as the cushioning?

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

It’s called a box over here, but of course that’s for cricket, we don’t really have any other sports that require you to wear one, I presume the cup is primarily used for American Football?

to protect my crouch region i have some mtb pants, that have stitched in padding, but i only really need them for long rides. for short rides it doesnt really matter, just some form of underpants to keep your manhood up and out of the way.

its a bit of a catch 22
i wear boxers to improve my …count
and the beating that ensues because of this would probs lower it. :thinking:

you’re 14 whya re you worried about your count?

with bike pants, you don’t wear anything under them or over them, or else there is no point in wearing them, and they just become an expensive pair of underwear.

I always wear lycra bike shorts as they keep my manhood well out of harm’s way and they don’t have any nasty seams to rub. But then I have been a cyclist for years (and years) and only a unicyclist for about 8 months.
Any adverse affects on fertility wouldn’t really bother me as no more kids are wanted anyway.

Sorry but I found this to be really funny. It’s like selling used underwear on ebay.


Exactly what i was thinking, I feel that at this point in my life a low count would be a distinct advantage.