Criterium RIDE THE LOBSTER June 18, 2008

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Day 3 saw the RTL Wobble in Truro, Nova Scotia for the event Criterium. Roadways are still wet from the day’s rain. This 2:02 minute clip includes a high-speed fall, and a quick re-mount, amazing the crowd lining the race route.


Thank you for posting that! It gives me a new appreciation of just how slow a 36” rider I still am, and just how much I need to practice pushing myself.

really interesting to see how the posture changed over the years. i feel like people avoid sitting that upright these days. I see a couple handlebars, but the position is very high and close compared to what i see people riding today

Thanks for your historical insight into unicycle racing posture. Not being a rider myself, I have no opinion on this. Pretty sure some unicyclists here will find your remarks of interest.

That’s a good observation. Some of us had handles, but I think they weren’t quite on the “mass” market yet. I had a Wygaowski handle, handmade by the frame maker from Minnesota. Though doable, it’s hard to crouch down for long races without a place to put your hands. With a good handlebar setup, you can be more aero, as well as taking more weight off your crotch, which is a good thing. :slight_smile: