creaking ness?

Ok I built my wheel, But in the last couple of weeks my spokes or pedals have just started creaking (really annoying)

My spokes are quite tensioned and all. But they have paint on them…

My pedals are JC trailmix and the ball bearing are starting to cransh a bit. but they reset themself…

I have a Nimbus hub that has taken a beating is well…

so my question is… Is it my spokes or my pedals or cranks (KH moments) or hub??? why??? what can I do about it?

Check tightness of cranks. Always first thing I check when I hear a creak.

If open bearing pedals ‘rebuild’ pedals and while clean check for galling (roughness) in bearing races. Could be time for new pedals if you have been running them too tight or too loose. Your pedals resetting themselves is probably not a good thing unless your pedal bearings were ‘stacked’ and they moved back to concentric with a rev or two of the pedals.

Check pedals for tightness to crank. But doesn’t usually make creaking sound, just starts to feel funny.

Did you try grabbing pairs of spokes and squeezing them to set them?

Creaking is usually either the spokes, or the cranks. Pedals would make a squeek, chirp, or click.

If your wheel was built a while ago it could need to be re-tensioned. What did you use to prep the spokes? If you didn’t use any spoke prep you might not have as much tension as you think. As you turn the nipple it will cause the spoke to twist. When you stress the wheel it gives the spokes a chance to reset the twist, and that can sound like creaking, or a sharp ping.

I would definitely check the crank bolts. Did you set the cranks before tightening the bolts? I don’t have ISIS cranks, but they are tapered, and so it makes sense to set them with a mallet before tightening the bolts to make sure that they are seated well. There is debate about using grease on spindles, but I have always put a thin film of grease on my spindles, and wiped it off before I set my cranks.

You could try putting a drop of oil at the cross of the spokes where they touch (all the way around the wheel). If that eliminates the creak you know that it has to do with spokes moving for one reason or another. If you haven’t built a lot of wheels you might want to see if there is a member of the forum who lives close who can check it out for you; otherwise, you could always go to your LBS.

I didn’t look at where you are, but if you happen to be in the Boulder county area I’d be happy to look at your wheel. EDIT: I just saw that you are in a far away land. Hopefully what I’ve said makes some sense, and gives you some ideas. Good luck.

ok thanks. I’ve only put my moments back on so it shouldn’t be the bolts but I’ll check tonight…

I only got my pedals this year so they should still be fine. I have felt them click sometimes but they reset themself after a couple of revs.

I’ve built 2 wheels and the first one is still fine and doesn’t seem to creak. I’ll check my spoke tension again tonight I did relive the spokes after building it…

Thanks for the help

Cranks move the most right after they were put on. My bet is that this is your culprit.

honestly, i don’t know what it is, but all of my pedals ever since i started unicycling develop lots of play in like…4 or 5 days, if that. and they stay like that, permanently. sometimes i’ll take the lil caps off and tighten em, but it does nothing.

it just gets worse and worse, and i gotta replace my pedals very often…because they play becomes so bad that it feels like my next hop it’s just going to snap.

all of my pedals…wellgo…snafu…pedals that come on nimbi… i bought animals before, and they lasted the least time.

and they all creak…i’ve done everything i can…my unis will always creak, lol. even the first day i got my kh a long time ago it was creaking day 1…i didn’t even care. everything was tight, especially the spokes…

the only uni i’ve had that didn’t creak isssss…the 24" torker dx.

no when I checked the crank bolts they were tight they wouldn’t move anymore.

My pedals should still be fine but I’m thinking of pulling them apart to clean the up.

My spokes have been reused when I got my my rim because I couldn’t afford new ones.

I think it is my spokes

If you cant find the creak then its not normally anything worth worrying about.Its not your seat is it ?

I had some creaks that didn’t come from the spokes or the cranks; it was my cf seat base not fully tightened.

My uni started creaking the other day, was my bearings Q_Q

I’ve soon to find that its was my pedals because I can now feel them clicking is well.

My saddle is fine tightened on the bolts, crank bolts are tight, spokes are good, sooo I need to get mew pedals. :frowning:

Man my pedals are wasted… Gona ride them until they die tho

yeah once mine start getting to the point where i can’t tell whether the crank or the pedal is loose, i replace it.

lol yea it’s still useable so I’m going to rode it until they die