Crazy Jump Competition

Take a bag of salt and a shovel. Sorted, now you can ride the gap you wanted.
And if anybody asks you what you’re doing, you can tell them you’re helping the patrons of the car park.

welll… i’ll post a video
because i’m stupid like that
time to get hurt :frowning:

Whats wrong? You guys scared of a little Crazy Jumping?

Not a single video yet!

haha that made me laugh because the pile of snow was about 20 feet high and maybe 30 or 40 feet across.

but I checked it out today and the planters I was thinking of jumping are not like i remembered them and I won’t be able to clear them.

And the set beside them has a board across it for some reason… so I couldn’t jump it today

Are you making one?

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell. Currently ive been ALMOST doing 27’’ tall SI static hops. A little crazier i guess. Once our blizard ends, and the snow melts now, I’ll get out and actually try and land it. Once i do it, its gonna be really cool cause its about the height of a desk. It’ll be really cool once i can land it consistently. I was able (last time i did it) get the edge of my tire on it and then chicken foot. Grr. it frusterated me SOOO much by not being able to get it.

What you calling me out?

Pfft, go ahead … I enjoy winning

When’s the deadline? Can we have multiple entries?

bump, let’s see some crazy jumps!

aight, i’m probably gonna film this weekend. I should be doing better stuff also because of my new cranks, i just need them cut down, which i’m doing tomorrow.

If it’s a crazy jump w/ a trick in it…do you get extra pointz or is it strictly just the jump


I have this dare to settle so be patient and you will see me jump off a container on my custom freestyle uni.Learners wheelset,and everything else might not break.The cranks are highly likely to snap off imediately as they are square taper and super thin.

what no videos! the deadline was april and i am reading this in hope to laugh at the stupidity of others, yet there is nothing to laugh at! i know where i would jump, its huge, and last time I went there we were shouted at by the security guards. if the rain stops for me to get out and record this stupid idea of mine, can i enter? or is it too late?

what those storage containers are huge! my friend has one, allong with about 12 pallates in his garden, there is ppotentoial for stupidity there too! have fun breaking your uni!

who cares if it has gone past the date.No one has entered yet so keep it going forever lol

ok the rain should be gone by thursday according to the forecast, so a week hopefully, if i do it that is!

i have a sort of crazy jump thats only crazy coz my cranks bent on impact and i fell off. it wil feature in my next vid

How has nobody entered this yet?!

There should be a mirriad of attempts at stupidly huge jumps/gaps.


Bring it back in to play!

heres mine but i bailed and yes i know it was stupid to do it rolling

Bout freakin time you guys decided to bring it back! Even though the clip you entered is old and you didn’t land it, your no.1 so far