Crazy Jump Competition

I’m tired of seeing these lame competitions with no real skill needed. Time to throw down with what were gonna call the “Crazy Jump Competition”.

The rules are simple:
Whoever busts out the sickest gap/ups/downs whatever it is, wins the comp. It doesn’t have to be the biggest, just the craziest jump out of them all.

Now I know a lot of you think you got this one in the bag and I like that, but remember that it all comes down the the gnarliest one, not the “safe but hard” one.

So get out there and do it!

Oh yeah and I guess they’ll be some kind of trophy for whoever wins…but I don’t know how to make those things so…yeah whatever

Who decides?

Can we have a category for over 40? :sunglasses:

Oh yeah forgot a few things.

Deadlines in uh…a month?

We’ll all decide at the end of the deadline.

No trophys for second place, go big or go home

EDIT: hell no terry I’ve seen you ride! For real though some of you guys are crazy so I expect some awesome stuff

I like the sounds of this one. I might actually be able to ride a uni in a months time!

I understand alot of you guys are waiting for snow to melt and all that so if needed when can push the date. That’s why I put “a month?”, but not much longer than a month

I hear that a lot of people ARE waiting for snow, I just meant that I still can ride that well yet! I’m still learning, but I’ll see where I’m at in a month!

hm, sounds like there should either be a set of about 3 or more judges to determine the winner, or maybe a poll.

I’m up for it, even though I’m GOING to lose, unless I can figure out a wicked jump during my camping trip.

haha this is a crazy idea! someone is gunna get injured! but i love it … i will have to have a go when i go home this weekend…there are gunna be some crazy jumps :slight_smile:

This is a good idea. I’ll defently enter if I can find something narly to jump. I don’t wanna go for something with a big drop because I sprained my ankle a while ago and its still not completely normal, when I land hard on it it gets really sore and I’d probably end up breaking it or something. But I might try another gap like on top of some trains or something, if I can find a crazy one.

Ill make a video this weekend. im thinking of a not-big-at-all-really gap, but there is a over hanging ceiling that makes it gnarly to pull off. its in my town ill send it in this weekend hopfully

I agree. Maybe we should have a Best Crash Competition too. Not just a UPD. A proper CRASH!! :astonished: Not that I want to encourage Jackass type shenanigans. Filmed whilst actually trying something that goes horribly wrong.

hahaha thats fantastic, but does kind of encourage people trying things that are out of their league but the vids will be hilarious!!

Or nutt sqintingly painfull.

Well, i cant do much for ups, or downs for that (4 maybe 5 feet at the most for downs) but, i guess i’ll throw some balls at stuff and get it on tape. I got some balls for risky things, minus unispins (i nutted it once, once bit twice shy). I might be riding along with some skater friends.

Encouragement to anyone that doesnt think they can do stuff sorta, i enter in competitions for the sake of entering. I was in a snowboard comp on dec 1st of this winter, dont know where i placed, i didnt even stay for prizes (there was a snowstorm at the time). All i really wanted to was hang out and have fun, and be able to say ‘I did that!’ Oh!, by the way, i got a trixy bandana out of it too! lol. Sweet looking thing!

But, whatever, i’ll give it some balls and try and do crazier stuff. Im workin on some stuff now at the moment. I got 40 or 50 some pallets out back, i might set up something to gap, if the snow melts that is…

Luck to all!


I got 40 or 50 some pallets out back, i might set up something to gap, if the snow melts that is…

Luck to all!


nice. do you buy them or just ask people from rays food place for them? lol

I’m in, when is the dead line? There is this crazy gap I really wanna try, but my foots hurt so it will be awhole beofre I can try to do it.

nice. do you buy them or just ask people from rays food place for them? lol

actually, a place where my dad gets supplies for some things that i dont feel like going in depth with. Anyway, we got a lot of em though, i dont know how many left since summer, but a good amount. we got them totaly free, they needed to get rid of em.

wow i wish i had that many pallets i only have 5 … 2 more on the way though :stuck_out_tongue: haha i will just have to find something else crazy to gap…not that i can jump big!!

The best way to learn is to try something thats just beyond your ability and practice till you can do it. Isn’t that how we all learn to ride in the first place.
If someone is stupid enough to try something like a rolling 720 unispin down a 10 step and land on a 2" rail then the least they can do is let us laugh at their misfortune.