Crazy Jump Competition

I’m thinking we’ll make it a little over a month. We’ll make it on a sunday so everyone can relax and enjoy the videos and what not.

Lets say…April 20th:)

Also, in the event of a tie me and 2 other people will decide.

I totally might enter this one. I need my spokes tightened.

i need to tighten my cranks, this is gonna be a fun contest! So much random stuff im going to try!

Im In.

Can it be a small line? As in not just one gap

Example of what your thinking?

Check out Joe’s 6 stair up, and CRAZY rock gap. In this video.
The gap is probably nearer the end, and the 6 stair up is at the end.

That rock gap is sooooooooo much bigger and gnarlier in rl. Lol h4xx

Excellent video, astonishing level of skills. The sort of thing that convinces me that I want to keep my own wheel firmly in touch with the ground.


I was actually trying to land this.Biggest ive jumped off !!!

Can this be on a muni? I don’t know if I can get anything before the 20th April, but on 20th April there is a ride at Chicksands where I could get something filmed :slight_smile:


nice. do you buy them or just ask people from rays food place for them? lol[/QUOTE]

I went to home depot and got mine for free.

Yeah no problem, the uni doesn’t matter just the jump.

Oh yeah by the way, You don’t have to wait until the deadline to post your videos.

Well, I dont have any video at the moment. I might go out of my hotel room in the morning and try to get video of some sketchier and bigger stuff. Idk, a lot of the stuff in Duluth at the moment is covered in snow, i know a few cool things to do though, that would look extremely cool on video, just theres snow in the area…

do we have to land it ?

Lol I know what your thinking padst3r

What no crazy jumps yet?

Friday is when ill upload mine. (also I’ll upload a new video finally on friday!)

I twisted my ankle again so i’ve been out for a week. Im thinking of getting a brace for when I ride because it would help for not hurting it again. And the gap i was thinking about is covered in a massive pile of snow because its near a parking lot, so im going to need to find a different one now.